Type Battle 32 // Book Cover Meme

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You will create a book cover, using a fictitious title and an image from the LIFE photo archive.

Winner take all, no holds barred. May the best designer win.


Follow these steps below:

1. The first article title on the Wikipedia Random Articles page
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random) is the title of your book.

2. Go to the LIFE photo archive (http://images.google.com/hosted/life) and enter the title (or part of the title) as your search term. Use any image from the search result for your book.

3. (optional) Include your name as the author of your book.

4. Use your graphics application of choice to throw them together,
and post the result.

- Final Image size: 550 width. 72 dpi*
- Color: Any
- Format: JPG or PNG

*Please try to keep your file sizes to a minimum! Our server is taking quite a beating with all this imagery. So compress, compress compress! Thanks :)


This is your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

As with any street battle, there is no panel of judges and no prize — only the ability to call yourself the best on the block.

Link directly to this battle: http://www.typophile.com/battle32
Link to the battle directory: http://www.typophile.com/typebattles

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Ha, finally found a little bit of time for this. Great battle! There's some gorgeous stuff here.
Here's my little weird contribution.

I used Neuzeit Grotesk Light & Bold Condensed and Dolly.
The image is actually from the 1947 Championships, so much for historical accuracy :)

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here is my entry: http://simsyland.deviantart.com/art/space-bar-106027433

the link takes you to my deviantart page compared to some of them here mine is quite amaterish... the title i got was space bar.. so naturally the type i used was terminal... as it was the only thing i could think of that would fit the theme


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deleted as this was a double post

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My first time posting anything to Typophile. I only decided to post when I saw what Wikipedia served up!

Two takes, a novel...

and a more pictorial history book...

I'm an amateur, so go easy on me!

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Yes, the top is yellow. :P
That's Lucida Sans. Kind of a strange match, but I'm low on resources. I almost went with Arial Black. :D The article and the picture.
I see it as some sort of an intellectual book, some kind of psychoanalytic, sociological and philosophical read on how fear dominates our societies, filled with pretentious lingo and, of course, lots of references to obscure and semi-obscure authors and books. Not that I find that necessarily bad, but I do enjoy saying things that sound like sarcasm but which really aren't (and vice-versa). :P

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Obviously Life magazine had no pictures of Tarnowska Wola, which is a small village in the south east of Poland, the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, so I have taken huge liberties*.


*especially with Zapfino, also starring Clarendon and Newcastle (the white crow/pigeon) and featuring Warnock and Serlio

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Jared, nice job, I love the chicks!

...not that I have anything to prove.

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Fun meme!

Here is mine:

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Well here's my first go at anything like this...


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And another just for fun, I tried to make this one look older ^^

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Typefaces: TomsHeadache and Handwriting-Dakota

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Title: wiki random returned: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigid-framed_power_kite
Image: Got no search returns on Life archives, till I narrowed it down to just 'power'

Is that allowed?

Anyways, this the best I could do. The picture had no captions, other than '1950', so searched for available naval aircrafts in the 1950s. Just so that I could get some logic into the cover

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Well I'm currently at work with no access to any sort of DTP or image editing, so this was plopped into Word and screen-grabbed...

The picture matched only "Nevada" but I figured that MP could be a scout of sorts!
(font = Nuvo Medi)
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Title: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Say_%22I_Gotta_Believe!%22
Image searched with 'believe'
Font: Aachen bold

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The Fantasy Show1, using Cassandra as type.

cheerio Queneau

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Gotham :)

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Wide Latin and abused Perpetua Titling.

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Well Put :-)


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The original required some cropping!

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@eliason: That is one _rugged_ woman shot putter...didn't know steroid abuse had gotten so bad. :D


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Going for a slightly more "vintage campy" approach for The Fantasy Show. Font of choice is Bureau Roxy.

cheerio Queneau[

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Looks like "she" must have been from the 1976 East German team :-)


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And another one, now for Two Years Vacation - which is in fact a novel by Jules Verne, so I took him as author for this one. Font is one of the Flyerfonts - Reject.

cheerio Queneau

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Going for a JG Ballard style with a hint of colonialism. Font is Chopin Script and pic was found with college and India as there no pics for Tibbia.

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Hi everybody,

You may have noticed that we encountered some slowwwness yesterday on Typophile. I want to emphasize that it would be really helpful to ensure your file sizes are kept at a minimum before uploading. This thread is very popular and the database is getting hit really hard with all the content, and all the users at one time.

So keep them coming, but please ensure you are compressing your files appropriately for the screen.

Many thanks!

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Avenir, Playbill

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I just couldn't resist the Hitchcockian tension of this image... Title is the very sexy 'Timeline of tuberous scleroris'. The font is ITC Franklin Gothic.

cheerio Queneau

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I got an unlucky draw and tried to make the best of it guys.

My Wikipedia entry

The image used.

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I cobbled a few together.

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My article was on the Horns of Ock Street, and while this image doesn't necessarily reflect exactly what happened, I couldn't resist using it.


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I think this one turned out rather well...considering I have no idea who Glenn Manton is. LOL

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I had to use this picture when I saw it... he seems like a fun warm gentleman...


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Here's mine!

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Title in Anivers, speech bubble in Caslon Pro, and name in Helvetica Neue.

My first foray into Type Battles; enjoy!


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Armchair Apocrypha is American singer-songwriter Andrew Bird's fourth studio album and his third post-Bowl of Fire album.

Armchair image search gave me a poodle in an armchair.

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Really late out of the gate and pretty rushed - I have been really busy designing books! So here are three - I got a great topic, Cowboys, and lots of great images. I really wanted to use my BRAND NEW font Archer. So here are three I did fairly quickly.

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Dogma Script Bold

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LIFE photo
Wikipedia article

Type: Adobe Jenson Pro

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i used abadi condensed light here.

the photo was filed under "quantum" - surprisingly, there were no image matches for pseudo-telepathy.

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this one uses museo sans 500, but the photo itself does all the work here.

apparently, it's a real book. i wonder what it actually looks like.

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The title was too good to pass up. SchoolHouse Printed A (strong) and Letter Gothic Std (bold).

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