Type Battle 39 // Digg logotype

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This week's battle: Design a new logotype for digg. (digg.com)

Let's show our friends over at digg what a logotype could look like when designed by typography experts.

Winner take all, no holds barred. May the best designer win.


- Solution must be typographic and contain the letters "digg" in lowercase.
- Letters must be custom drawn. No use of existing fonts!
- Image size: 550 width x 400 height. 72 dpi*
- Color: Black and White
- Format: PNG, GIF or JPG (Preferred in that order. Mmake sure there are no spaces in the name)

*Please try to keep your file sizes to a minimum! 50k per file max.


This is your chance to flex your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

As with any street battle, there is no panel of judges and no prize — only the ability to call yourself the best on the block.

Link directly to this battle: http://www.typophile.com/battle39
Link to the battle directory: http://www.typophile.com/typebattles

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Here's my entry. I incorporated the shovel (descender of 'g') and a "digging" motion implied by the different depths of the descenders.

- Lex

Jon Evenchen's picture

Thanks Felicity and Bruno! I really like yours FBRCCN.


apankrat's picture

@nu4m - first version is extremely nice. IMO it's the best of everything submitted so far.

Seymour Caprice's picture

Redesigned "digg" logo based on a tweaked version of "Pop Manta" font.

Lex Kominek's picture

I'm really digging kosal's "thumbs up" design and bruno bruno's "buried in the sand" designs.

- Lex

matr's picture

Quick idea using my Mudguard typeface from 2002...

matr's picture

Some really nice entries so far. I really like:
- Tomi from Suomi's
- fbrccn (first best, second is a nice shape but, for me, not legible enough)
-xyz.ch (like the abstraction, but again, does it have potential to become recognisable?)

The logo needs to work at quite a small size, not sure why we have to show 550/400px entries?

Jared Benson's picture

@matr The standard image size is to help create consistency between everyone's entries. This is not a real logo design, so while it's important to consider where and how the logo may appear, the logo will not be used by digg.com. Otherwise we'd be talking about submitting files in vector form.

Rock on. it's been really fun to see everyone's entry. Time's running out! A new battle will start next Monday.

Tomi from Suomi's picture

Well, Jared-

I think that most of these logos should get a good place to retire. Any suggestions?

Dan Gayle's picture

We're perhaps focusing too much on square geometry. What about looking at the intrinsic "roundness" of the letterforms?

akos.polgardi's picture

@Lex Kominek: That's a fresh one.

Tomi from Suomi's picture

Wierdest thing: I never said those things.

eliason's picture

Lex, yours reminds me of L'eggs.

Dan Gayle's picture

Adjusted things a bit

geneus1's picture

Full Circle. Type Battle #21 lead me to FontStruct, now FontStruct leads me back to Type Battle 39 for my first post.

Taking into account the culmination of previous entries posted, I give you...

fbrccn's picture

had to do one with a shovel included myself. hard-rock band logo vibe was unintentional.


nu4m: i like yours, both of them actually. quite delicate.
xyz.ch: nice! g's rather look like q's right now tho.

geneus1's picture

... and let's not forget the new mascot.

dezcom's picture

My latest entry.


MattBurns's picture

Fbrccn, very nice indeed!

Paul Cutler's picture

Nice dezcom. I like how it implies industrial strength. The ligature from the bucket to the cab is delicious. The only thing is - could you move that back wheel a 1/4" to the left?


russellm's picture

Brilliant Chris,

This is more "crunch" than dig, but… what the heck:.


dezcom's picture

You are right about moving the wheel, Paul. That would make a nicer counter-lever:-)


dberlow's picture

Looks to me like they skim, (or something), so Chris' would work fine there too.

But it's not scaleable to the web site's tiny use. Chris?



John Lyttle's picture

@nu4m That gg ligature in your upper option is delightful!
My latest doodle is too tangential for this node, but you can see it at http://typophile.com/node/66021

hrant's picture

David, cute.
That "D" looks pretty grave though.


dezcom's picture

Maybe this one would scale down a bit better, David?


Paul Cutler's picture

The domination of man. I think you've hit it Chris, and the yellow is so NOW. The only thing that might make it better is if the bucket was smashing a computer.


MikeNGarrett's picture

I'm not sure how to post an image, so I'll try a couple different ways:

Digg as quotes

henrypijames's picture

Image upload doesn't work at the moment, so:


JeffPeppers's picture

:\ i kept planning on posting what i was playing with but never felt half finished :)
also, it gave me "Could not copy image. Error" a few times


Sulekha Rajkumar's picture

@ Jared: I like your 4th Jan entry a lot
@ Ricardo: I love it! Reminds me of this old B/W PC game called digger
@ Hrant: How does one start a new battle?

hrant's picture

Sulekha, I haven't started any Typophile Battles (just wars :-) and I suspect "officially" only Jared can do that (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).


wormwood's picture

If it's going to end up as a few pixels it may as well begin with a few pixels.

Dan Gayle's picture

I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but I'm really digging (no pun intended) the way that the Amira typeface here on Typophile renders the word "Digg".

The lower case 'g' is beautiful.

Sulekha Rajkumar's picture

Second Entry....couldn't upload the image...so this is the only way I know how -- http://pic0.picsorlinks.com/ph_or_9655_4e60084.png

JeffPeppers's picture

i've been seeing a lot of "DiGG" being used
might be beneficial to move away from lowercase.. starts looking like a cheaper version of boingboing

nathalie_gregory's picture

These are all awesome, here's my first submission to typophile:

Sulekha Rajkumar's picture

How 'bout a softer type?



Anyone knows why I can't upload an image on this itself?

coffee's picture

There is a link named "Insert image" on the bottom left of this Comment frame.

apankrat's picture

So who won ? :-)

hrant's picture



Michael Hernan's picture

The original one is perfect. The raised g's are so wrong for the block style of lettering but work so well, and the TM mark is just a touch of class in this case. Really fun to look through the work here, but somehow I feel this was a cruel joke!

Sulekha Rajkumar's picture

@ coffee: I know that silly!!! But it keeps giving me an error.

mili's picture

Sulekha, is your picture in rgb format and has it got a name without gaps? If so, is should work.

I just saved yours in a jpg format, here it is:

an entry by sulekha_rajkumar:

So it also should be a jpg.

manuelzavala's picture


Can't post anything... getting a weird error :/ (407???)

Anyhow, lots of cool design options! Nice job!!!


- Manuel

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