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Does the world really need one more vernacular pop culture typeface? We here, at astroluxtype shout a resounding yes!

Sure, you can find the apex of fine font design that will have your mind and eyes burst with joy at the level of sophistication and craftsmanship they exhibit- Koo Koo Puff Condensed and Light Condensed are not one of those fonts. But if kooky goofy is your thing, we're selling it at the astroluxtype booth.

The 1960's and 1970's are the inspiration for Sugarbang! Everything from music packages, beach party movies of the 60's to cereal box art of the 1970's are reflected in the kooky style that this font evokes. Sugarbang! is built on a random baseline so letterforms bounce up and down adding to the “zany” look of the design. It is a minimal font set which includes uppercase and lowercase letterforms. Suggested uses for the font would be above 42 points in size. Please note its normal tight spacing and that cap “T” and cap “L” have been specially kerned to account for the overhang of certain other letterforms. Sugarbang!- just add milk and it’s sugar frosted font goodness. Available at

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New release from astroluxtype: Spacepod

astroluxtype's Spacepod is a headline display font set. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms with a minimum glyph set. Sold through The style suggests weird sci fi from the 1970's or the far future... you decide? Is this the font for your sci fi western book cover title with a nod to The Matrix in the story or a poster for the movie remake of Westworld? Wherever your ship takes you in the universe Spacepod should be the letterforms that identify your interstellar vehicle! See it at

The second release from astroluxtype, Dragon Fang, is a single weight headline display font. The style suggests Medieval font forms but in a contemporary sense. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms which include a few alternate characters, look for the swash "B" and "D" to give your design project a special look. Influenced by everything from Rick Griffin and Linotext to tribal tattoo art this font will bring a contemporary edge to your design projects. Fantasy book cover art to that goth album cover you should find many uses for astroluxtype's Dragon Fang. Available Now at Link:

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UXB First Release From astroluxtype

UXB the first release of astroluxtype, a division of astroluxdesign, brings a hard edge feel to the basic military style stencil design. These fonts work together or separate to create the look of a stencil cardboard cut out, that then gets a spraypaint treatment with the use of its companion font. The two part application can create more than a few cool effects for your next design emergency. UXB Stencil is the paneled cut-out street style font and UXB Spray is the interior component that has the appearance of being CREATED with the stencil cut out. UXB Stencil and Spray will lend a dynamic look to your graphic design projects that need a typographic solution with a rough urgency. Available and on sale now at

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