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Before I forget . . .

. . . I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and (or _insert appropriate holiday_) Happy New Year. (I can't believe another year has blown past so quickly!) We all might not share the same traditions, but this time of year represents a special renewal of spirit for all of us, I think. We can agree that it is good to share of ourselves and allow all positivity to thrive within us. I wish for all of you to feel of that spirit.

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P22 Cezanne in use

Why isn't there a site—or if there is please point me toward it—which features great design AND the typefaces used?

Cezanne is quite ubiquitous at this point, I thought by simply poking around a few portfolios I'd come across some good design using it. But, it just hasn't happened. Can anyone help a girl out?

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I'm going to camp...Type Camp.

I finally have something really great to share in my blog here on Typophile! This year I've been invited to participate as an instructor at Type Camp. This opportunity is a return to something I Iove, teaching, and I get to do it with 2 people whom I greatly admire, Dr. Shelley Gruendler and Dyana Weissman.

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Another gift idea for this year

Well, Google isn't my friend today because I can't find the thread this really belongs. But, if you have a designer or typographer in your life that loves posters you might consider International Poster. They have prices that are somewhat affordable and could certainly be considered an investment. Gifts from $20 to $200. They also have a nice little selection of books in regards to the topic!

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Type Humor

An associate sent these to me. They are non-type people but thought I'd laugh. They tell me I'm a type snob. I did laugh.

Grab the file from here (Large PDF 2.2 Mb)

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Must Reads


< a href="http://marcusvorwaller.com/blog/archives/2006/08/31/how-to-have-better-conversations/">"How to have better conversations."

"How to Find Your Creative Zen."

"Why Work?"

"Focusing on What Matters and Ignoring What Does Not."

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Perpetua and Felicity: Need a scan

Does anyone here have access to the Fleuron? Does anyone have Fleuron Number 4? (I believe that is the right issue.) I am desperate for some information. Gah!! I went through all of my notes and cannot find any from my research on Perpetua. (This doesn't surprise me as I did lose over 3 boxes worth of my life when I shipped it back to me.) From what I recall of the article did have samples of the roman and the sloped roman, respectively Perpetua and Felicity. Any assistance for this beggar will be very much appreciated.

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(Metal) Type For Sale

This just came to my inbox. I thought I'd share it with ya'll.


8216 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
213 300 4410 fax: 323.658.1170
William [at] Daileyrarebooks.com

TYPE FOR SALE October 2006

NB: Type in neat oak drawers unless noted by code:
G = on gallie; B = in small Lyons boxes (can be shipped)
2/3 = triple cap case requiring fonting
Subject to prior sale; all orders FOB Los Angeles

Abbey Text (black) 18 24 30 (Western Foundry) 2/3 $ 150.
Adastra Royal 24 2/3 $75.
Adastra Royal 36 (V, p, q damaged) $50.
Albertus (titling) 48 $100.
Anglo-Saxon (black letter) 48 2/3 $200.

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Using scripts for dummies

As we all know by now, TypeCon2006 is right around the corner. I'm busy helping with last minute preparation and found myself in need of a script to put cropmarks around oodles of images. I'm too lazy to draw them, didn't really have time to do it, so I started to look. But, then I remembered that Miguel (Sousa) had pointed us toward some very handy scripts on another thread here at Typophile. I probably saved myself about 4 hours in using this script.

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FontExplorer X: Workaround Discovered

I love FEX. So, this is in no way shape or form to become a rant of any sort. What I'm about to say might boggle the minds of some of you. However, I am hoping to help some others.

I found that FEX saw duplicates of some of my fonts when I know darn well there weren't any. In a last bit of desperation I tried activating the family. Well, of course, it saw some as already active, but when I skipped all the rest of the messages it still ends up with a complete set of active fonts. I can make it happen with the Helvetica family:

So after activating them, I simply selected those activated fonts, dragged them out (exported them), removed the font from FEX, cleaned the manage folder, quit FEX, emptied the trash, restarted FEX, and imported the newly created set from the desktop. All is right with the world now.

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Latest Issue of CA: Illustration Annual

Every year I sit down with the CA Illustration Annual to take a look at all of the amazing talent and every year I wish I'd paid more attention in my drawing classes. Page by page I see people telling stories or explaining articles in ways that I can't. I get jealous. This year was no different. There really are some--scratch that--a huge amount of amazingly talented illustrators out there.

This year after about 45 minutes of "oooh" and "aaaah" and "woooowww" I arrived at the end feeling, once again, stupid for not paying attention. Flipping a few more pages I came across and ad for Veer with a fellow Typophile, Armin Vit, proclaiming in 60 pt Avenir bold that he couldn't draw. I was lifted and humored all at the same time. :^) Thanks, Armin! You rock!

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Apropos Ambigram

My sister sent me a forward today with the following ambigram attached. Nice sentiment.

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Share: Design Blogs

I'm finally getting into listening to blogs. Truth is, people talking can be whitenoise and usually doesn't disrupt my work. However, I've had a difficult time listening to design blogs, blogs that have information that I'd like to at least kind of absorb. I've finally given in and am finding a way to sort of do it.

These guys are funny and irreverent. Be A Design Cast: #10 Typography Island

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I have a confession to make

I have a slight case of OCD. Although, I'd be willing to bet that most graphic designers do. It is part of the job to have an insane obsession with details. Anyway, as I struggle with obsessing over the details, sometimes it spills over into not wanting wrinkles on my bed or color coding my closet ... and even folding my t-shirts. I received this in my e-mail today and suddenly felt a wave of normality wash over me when I realized that at least I didn't fold my t-shirts this perfectly.



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Random search leads to mass temptation.

While trying to find the name of the antiquarian bookseller that was in our vendor area at TypeCon04 in San Francsico, I went to ever-helpful google and typed the keywords, "san francisco antiquarian books typography type specimens". One of the hits came back from the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) and I suddenly found myself thinking about my checking account. Sheesh! Temptation at this hour is not such a good thing.

If anyone does happen to remember the name of the bookseller,

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What we need are more material bibliographers.

Inspiration for me happens when I open my heart to it, but I rarely find the energy to see it through. At least for things which are mostly personal and aren't a part of my daily work schedule. Last night I was inspired ... again.

James Mosley gave the first Justin Howes lecture and it was inspiring. His energy and determination for preserving and recording the history of type is amazing. The amount of knowledge this one man has about the world of type founding and type history is enough to make me wish we did have a fountain of youth so that we will never be without him.

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Mid-Century Advertising and Possessed Children

When advertising tried harder? Could be. I'm a little to young to appreciate all of it, but will admit to some of it ringing a distant bell. As Fallon points out, don't miss the possessed children.


[via Fallon Planning Blog]

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Have Credit Card, Will Travel.

So I'm scouring the web, trying to find hot deals on airfare and I realize that I'm suddenly wading through so many sites that I lose my breath. (I know I can't be the only person that loves to travel.) I have dates in mind, but am willing to change for the right amount. Any suggestions?

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COLOR! But I only wear black.


Ok people. Listen up. This is so cool. Completely customizable, totally user-friendly and absolutely addictive. When you export the EPS it adds the extension .HTML, simply cut that out and you now have an illustrator color palette!

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Something funny and something useful


Grandma: http://ihaveanidea.org/2834/

Must know a little about advertising history to really enjoy it.

-- -- --


This thread on Apple.com

Anyone who uses Tiger or Panther who has found that suddenly files don't open in the apps they really want them to open in might find this thread useful. I had the problem of Illustrator EPS and Photoshop EPS being seing as the same and all opening in Illustrator. Basically it comes down to removing the LaunchServices prefs and cache files. But, make sure you read the thread.

Via Coudal Partners

Alvin Lustig was a renaissance man. A designer that didn't shy away from any media and seemingly mastered any in which he worked. Students today -- that is, anyone that enjoys learning from those who have gone before -- should spend time and study his work.


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convince me

All around the forums I continue to hear rumblings about font explorer x. I've started to download it a few times only to realize that I have changed font management tools so many times that, if anything, I'm only about to cause myself more heartache.

People keep saying how fast it is. so, how fast is it? how stable is it. has anyone been using font agent pro and switched and laughed out loud at the improvement?

I grew up on ATM. I've used Suitcase, Masterjuggler, Font Reserve and even tried to work with Font Book.

Yes, I still miss ATM. Kinda sad really. I don't miss the UI.

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Flock This!

I would normally not resort to such childish titles -- forgive me -- but it seemed worth it this time.

For those of you who don't want to pay for Ecto -- I did and really like it -- check out Flock. It has -- among its plentiful promises of playtime -- a blogging tool. Yipee!

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Ecto Testo

This is fairly cool. The UI is self-explanatory. However, I wonder if this will really make me want to post more to the blog area. Most of the thoughts I have which aren't Typophile friendly still don't qualify as Uppercase Blog friendly either. And I really don't want to talk about EULAs here too. :^}

This is cool though. I can add the song I'm currently listening to. The Long Goodbye from the album “A Girl Called Eddy” by A Girl Called Eddy

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Nothing at all whatsoever to do with type

Anyone who loves little kittens as well as -- or as much as -- Led Zeppelin, might find a lot of humor in this:


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