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Movie Titles make me smile

Spike is showing Dr. No tonight. I stopped everything just to watch the titles. Why oh why can't we have more inspiration like that today? The Dr. No titles were designed by Maurice Binder and they make me smile. Down with shadows and blends and all that is 3D ... go back to analog and 2D design!

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Why one mustn't compare apples to oranges

*** NOTE: I am not wearing any hats but my own with this entry. ***

I am sick to death of comparisons that arise every year as we enter conference season. Specifically, the comparison of ATypI to TypeCon. Yes, both conference happen to share the topic of type. But, why compare? Why not just love? I guess I sit in a tough place. I love both. Some might say ATypI is more academic. Others say TypeCon isn't serious enough. I hate to break it to you people, but both conferences have both qualities. Where TypeCon is less expensive, ATypI gives you the opportunity to mill around during lunch and watch your heroes eat. Where ATypI bends toward specific corners of typographic theory, TypeCon gets to move into Type use in Graphic Design. Even these are gross generalizations. ATypI has three tracks, argued to be a good thing because you get choice. TypeCon has one track allowing us to not pine and winge over the speakers we are missing.

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This one's for you, Paul.

What not to do for your conference presentation: Stop your presentation before it kills again! (via InfoDesign)

What to buy if you are craving peanut butter and curry: PB Loco

What to read if you need a light in your life: WikiQuote on Hope

What to wear to your next client meeting if all is already lost: Very Necessar

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Randomness Personified.


"Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than
outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."

-- Helen Keller


Top 10 Questions to Build a Better Understanding of the Boss. Courtesy of Fast Company

Fast Company asks "What Motivates You?"Love or Fear?

What a bizarre question. I mean it makes complete sense, but how can you choose? I certainly can't. I'll admit that fear is part of my life. But I figure it is part of everyone's, isn't it?


While I have been known to enjoy vampires...I have no idea why...and the occasional whomp on the bad guys movie...especially when it is girls doing the whomping, think Lara Croft, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie's Angels, Hero, Kill Bill...I don't enjoy gratuitous violence. That said, there is something about Happy Tree Friends that makes me laugh so hard it is dangerous to be drinking water at the same time. If you are anti-violence of the cartoon-cute-and-cuddly kind, you probably won't enjoy this.

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Read, Eat and Enjoy!

Must Cook: Smoke Herring and Broccoli Parmentier
Apologies, you must scroll down the page to find it.
Must Learn: whitespace teaches us how to CSS
Yes, I know CSS is not a verb, but neither is Google.
Must Play: Colour Lovers
I'm addicted to type, but colo(u)r runs a close second. It is nice to see others have this problem.
Must See: .minh's photostream on flickr

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How it shall be henceforth written

It is obvious that we have blogs about everything. As I drove into work this morning I decided that I'd indulge my love of lists. The idea being that I will give readers other links that I think need to be viewed, read, heard, purchased, licensed, quoted or otherwise.

Read: Change or Die, Fast Company
Purchase: Acoustic 4, Various Artists

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so many blogs, so little time.

This will be the 3rd, no scratch that, 4th place I now have the ability/opportunity to blog. But, will I manage to do it? We shall see.

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