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A while ago I wrote a post on Unzipped analysing the design and typography of the Flemish poster campaign for the current European and regional elections, The typography of politics.

To my surprise I learned yesterday that this post has made its way -- via the Facebook profile of Geert Lambert, head of the SLP party -- to, the news site of the Belgian national television. Their translation is dodgy and they misunderstood some details, but it still nice to see a focus on typography in the mainstream press. :)

SLP have already won the elections…

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One small victory

After 12 years of thorough criminal investigations Scientology has been branded a sect and a criminal organisation by the Belgian judicial system. Religion my @$$.

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The most insane website intro... EVER!

This is so awesome!

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San Francisco bound

See y'all in 20 hours or so. ;^)

Although I do not consider myself an artist, I have the artistic reflex deeply engrained in the fibres of my being. Whenever I see an opportunity I am known to do crazy stuff for the good cause.

First the bad news -- there’s something wrong with FontPool. A leak at the bottom of the stairs caused the pool to drain, leaving only a shallow body of water at the bottom. We don't know if and when it can be repaired.

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Troubleman needs your vote!

Hi everyone,

As many of you may know, I've been playing drums in British/Belgian pop/rock band Troubleman for over 10 years. If you want to know what we do, where we've been, and sample our music please visit our MySpace or Facebook page. In the increasingly difficult music business the quality of your music isn't sufficient enough for a breakthrough and a band needs all the help it can get.

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Today is the first day of my second career

Yesterday I punched in the alarm code for the very last time when I left Magelaan, the communication agency I worked at for the past 13 years. I closed the door on a 17 year career of graphic design and communication and transitioned from a life as employee to a life as independent. It was bittersweet parting, because I left behind more than just colleagues but friends.

In case anyone missed it, I interviewed Brent Barson, Eric Gillett and Cole Nielsen on Unzipped about the Typophile Film Fest 4 credits.

UK magazine MacUser's cover story is Secret Mac sites -- 50 hottest web links that will keep you ahead of the crowd. This morning I received a message that is in the list. Apparently they moaned that Bald Condensed doesn't get updated as often (heck it's been over a year! :^( ). (I've been hunting high and low for a copy of the mag but can't find it anywhere in Gent. Could somebody please make a scan of the relevant page and send it to me -- I'd really like to see that. Thanks.)
I finally managed to obtain a copy of the mag, so it's not necessary anymore.

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Troubleman on MySpace and Facebook

MySpace page has been updated.
We need friends! :D

Facebook page has been created.
We need fans! ;)

Website badly needs to be updated. :P

Further updates as events warrant.

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Pony Boy is born

Do yourself a favour and please do check this astonishingly beautiful birth announcement. And if you want to comment, please do so on Unzipped -- I'm sure Kristof will appreciate it. :^)

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Troubleman on YouTube

Quite unexpectedly a fragment of our concert in Paris last year popped up on YouTube. As it was captured by an amateur cinematographist ;^), the sound isn't too great, so the beginning doesn't make too much sense. Hear (and see) us rock out on Elsewhere. The original brief for the drum pattern was: "Make it sound like a cross between a marching band and a runaway train". We usually play this one at the end of our set, because I'm pretty beat after that. :^P

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The making of FF Meta Serif

People interested in the background story of the development of [[FF Meta Serif]] can read about it on Unzipped. I was really fortunate to be able to talk to all three designers, receiving production drawings and transcripts of e-mail communications.

After The Type Designer as Artist, the first part of The Type Designer as Craftsman is up at last.

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No sign of life

We have no internet connection at the SOTA/Typophile House of Debauchery and Mayhem, plus it is extremely dodgy here in Brighton -- I can't send e-mails and I can't even connect to the Unzipped CMS, so that's why there are no new posts for now. Normal service will resume on Monday when I'm back.

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Representing the Type ID Board in Brighton

I always wanted to have a T-shirt like that. So I designed one. Check it. ;^)

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Last-minute presentation at ATypI Brighton

Last Tuesday I was asked to replace a speaker who has to drop out of the conference at the last minute. I won't be in the printed programme, but I suppose my presentation details will soon be included in the online programme presentations timetable.

Until this is arranged, below are the details of my presentation in case anyone's interested in showing up.



Yves Peters

Friday 14 September | 10:45 – 11:15
Location: Seminar Room 202

Presentation | Theme: Hand made | Duration: 30 minutes

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Unzipped celebrates its 1st anniversary

Today marks Unzipped’s first anniversary. Exactly one year ago I posted my first three entries, after having done a test run with the premiere of my movie poster critiques the day before. Now, one year later, I am pleased to announce a new era in the existence of this blog – Unzipped will switch to (mostly) English.

The initial plan – as explained in my introductory post – was to write in Dutch, with occasionally English and French translations. However it soon became obvious that I couldn’t free up enough time to do these translations. It is for that exact same reason that I discontinued my English tutorials on The FontFeed.

Just a quick note to any Dutch-speaking Typophiles who might be interested. I'm being interviewed this afternoon between 3 and 4 pm for Neon, a program on Radio 1 (Belgian national radio), about 50 years of Helvetica.

I hope I don't screw up! :^P

BTW I'll be proudly wearing my "Who needs Helvetica?" Hattenbach T-shirt. Figures...

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Done. About time...

Bald Condensed's picture resuscitated went live about half an hour ago with a redesigned site and a new dual format. It's good to be back.

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ATypI fall-out - Part 2

I'm hard at work writing up my ATypI report. First episode tonight. I will be asking around for some images, as I concentrated on writing notes and didn't take the time to take pictures (apart from this one).

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ATypI fall-out - Part 1

Just replied to Lupton's infamous Free Font Manifesto. Sheesh, yeknow... dunno, but... :^/

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