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BAT - Instant from BAT Foundry on Vimeo.

A short video providing the rationale and design thinking behind Instant, a new typeface at Bureau des affaires typographique ( designed by Jérôme Knebusch.

Hat tip to Dan Reynolds (@typeoff) for the link.

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Custom Umbro Type

Love it. Paul Barnes' work, via Commercial Type.

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Unger Games

DutchDFA produced this design profile of living Dutch legend, type designer and graphic designer Gerard Unger.


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PBS Takes On Typography

A great PBS Arts video primer on typography featuring New York design staples [[H&FJ]] and [[Paula Scher]] with plenty of Gotham and Public Theater posters for good measure.

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FontShop Bringing TYPO Conference to SF in 2012

Mark your calendars, FontShop is bringing TYPO to San Francisco in 2012.

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Linotype: The Film

How does the linotype fit into today's technology?

It doesn't.

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Augment your Facebook feed...

…with typographic nuggets from Typophile.

Click "Like" to add periodic Typophile updates to your Facebook stream:

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Any opinions on Font Squirrel?

We're checking out this fontface generator for an upcoming web project. I'm wondering if anybody's used it and issues you've possibly encountered.

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Suggestions for next weeks' Type Battle?

Shout out your suggestions for next weeks' Typophile Type Battle.

This new typeface Aeronaut is like Blackletter meets Steampunk. Can't readily think of a use for this, but that won't stop me from admiring it.

Reviewing Typophile's Google Analytics reveals some interesting highlights from 2009. Presented in order of popularity, based on page views…

1// The high quality, free font, Quicksand from Andrew (aka alienbreed). The page had 127,035 views in '09 and is still going strong.

2// This handmade subpixel font thread blew up on Typophile: (87,901 views)

For a third year in a row Punchcut will speak at SXSW Interactive in Austin. SXSW organizers have announced programming for 2010 and confirmed that Punchcut will present our talk Convergence: Already Here, and Gosh It's a Mess!.

Talk description: Convergence is here and it’s a big mess. People are using services and media within hacked-together ecosystems; systems without neat connections or beautiful symmetries. Punchcut will share the user insights and design principles needed to create applications and services that integrate into emerging digital lifestyles and convergent ecosystems.

Read the SXSW announcement:

Chronicle Books Design is hosting "5 Speakers / 5 Minutes / 5 Questions"; an evening of design-minded conversation and drinks, featuring five bloggers currently reporting on our visual world:

1 Dave Cuzner /
GrainEdit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period.

2 Joe Pemberton /
Typophile is the end all, be all internet forum for typography lovers. It's a "gig" owned by Punchcut.

3 Suzanne LaGasa /

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Indian Type Foundry (ITF) Launches

Peter Bilak, The Netherlands, and Satya Rajpurohit, India, have launched the Indian Type Foundry ( )to focus on Indic typefaces. Their inaugural font family extends Peter's classic sans typeface family Fedra to the Hindi alphabet.

From this mornings' press release:

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Audi Gets a Brand Update

The always thoughtful Brand New has a write-up of the new Audi typeface and logo.

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PowerPoint makes me weep inside

Why do you insist on resizing my text in a text box as I type!? (Even when I uncheck the "shrink text to fit" box.)

Why does copy/paste not retain basic stuff like font attributes (size, color, font even)?

Why is everything positioned relatively (and not with coordinates or measurements)?

PowerPoint is the anti-typography.


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When Driving becomes Writing (Video)

You can download the free font:

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Drawing with type on your iPhone

Mobile devices are not just for consuming information, increasingly smartphones are letting users create content. This is certainly more of an entertainment app than a professional design tool, but for a buck, why not?

The TypeDrawing app ($1 USD) for iPhone is a good, interesting example.

Check out the TypeDrawing Flickr Pool.

Dude draws New Yorker cover with an iPhone app Brushes. Illustrators everywhere are crying.

See more artwork at Creative Review.

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Brand Hijacking: Chevvrong Ad

Saw this Chevvrong (Chevron) ad this morning, a clever brand hijacking pasted up geurilla style at an SF Bart station.

Chevvrong: Brand Hijack Sighting

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Digital Branding Demands Custom Typography

The image has been scaled down sample to fit this page.

Adobe and The New York Times recently announced the Times Reader. The Adobe AIR desktop application is well designed and stays true to the New York Times brand, largely owing to the reinforcing quality of the Time's custom typeface.

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Patrick & Co

Sometimes I just say the word ampersand out loud because it's a great sounding word. Interrobang is a close second.

Patrick & Co. is the last (and best) independent stationery and office supply places in SF. Photographed in San Francisco's Financial District.

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