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Dubtronic - Free font from Astro Studios

The folks at Astro Studios, a San Francisco based industrial design agency, released a free, fat font, Dubtronic. They say they'll give a free shirt to the first 10 people who send them a design using the face.

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Type in Motion: Futura soup

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Motion Design: firey lettering

Enjoy this piece on Vimeo from Kathrin Schindler.

Added to the Typophile Group on Vimeo

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Motion Design: Touch UI Considerations

We recently posted a motion piece illustrating our touch UI design considerations. Enjoy.

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Type in Motion

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11,518 Delicious Typographic Images

The Flickr Typophile Group holds 11,518 delicious typographic images for consumption. Each lovingly tagged and submitted by 2,385 type lovers worldwide.

View the slideshow on Typophile: Projects > Typographic Images

Users can join the Flickr Typophile Group and contribute images to be curated (approved) by our moderators.

You've removed those unwanted Microsoft Office fonts from your system but they keep coming back!

No, you don't have a virus, you have Microsoft Office.

Recently on the Typophile Twitter feed we called out for tutorials to help MS Office users prevent Office from automatically reinstalling unwanted fonts. Not that we don't like the fonts. We just can't stand a software philosophy that doesn't give users a choice, especially when it means endlessly scrolling through font menus.

The community responded with a handful of links. These aren't tested or proven. Follow their advice at your own risk:

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Cufon, an Alternative to sIFR

Cameron Moll has written a very thoughtful and objective article Exploring Cufón, a sIFR alternative for font embedding. Cufón is an SVG (scalable vector graphics, similar to Flash) and Javascript alternative to sIFR, which uses Flash and Javascript.

+ No plug-ins required – it can only use features natively supported by the client
+ Compatibility – it works on every major browser on the market
+ Ease of use – no or near-zero configuration needed for standard use cases
+ Speed – it's fast, even for sufficiently large amounts of text


This Friday Punchcut will host a lunchtime conversation with Steve Matteson from Ascender Corp who will discuss screen-based mobile device typography and show us the company's screen-based fonts, including the Droid fonts created for Google's Android platform.

This is free of course, but attendees must RSVP as space is limited. Send an email to me, pemberton (at) punchcut (dot) com with your name and the organization you represent.

We'll start at 12:30 sharp and end at 1:30. Please provide your own lunch.

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Trust the Brush

"abcedfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" A film by Graedus Woeters, Amsterdam.

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Letraset Photo Set

Check out these great Lettraset images on Flickr.

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T is for Truck

Photos by Eric Tabuchi

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I've been collecting innovative iPhone apps for Punchcut's mobile design blog, Idlemode. This game, Anaconda, a remake of Snake for iPhone never made it to Idlemode, but the artwork concept for the blog illustration was a fun challenge. Each glyph is drawn in the game of course creating a version of game play that only a Typophile could appreciate.

Download Anaconda for iPhone, it's free.

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Punchcut Seeks Design Intern

Hello. We're looking for a second intern to join us in our San Francisco office. Rather than Typophile duties, we're looking for a candidate to help with Punchcut marketing efforts. Please send a cover letter and PDF portfolio or portfolio URL to marketingposition [at] punchcut [dot] com.


Punchcut is looking for a graphic design intern to aid with graphic design, event planning, publishing and public relations initiatives.


You will primarily:
• Coordinate design and production of online, print, mail, e-mail or other marketing campaigns: including web site updates, collateral and other items as requested

You will also help:
• Maintain a marketing initiatives calendar, coordinate meetings with directors

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Typophile Welcomes Ngoc Ngo

We're pleased to announce Typophile's first dedicated employee. Ngoc Ngo is a seasoned consultant and an MFA candidate focused on graphic design at Academy of Art University. He has joined Punchcut at our San Francisco office and will be engaged on a number of initiatives for this site and for the Typophile community.

We're looking forward to the traction that he'll bring to our modest world domination plans. Please say hello!

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Join the Typophile LinkedIn Group

If you're using LinkedIn, the professional networking site, you can add Typophile to your professional affiliations by joining the Typophile group.

To join, hit this link:

Over the years people have discussed the value of listing Typophile membership among their professional associations.

Although membership is an opt-in thing. And although we ask for member contributions, we don't require a fee to join. However, we view a Typophile affiliation as a signal of where your personal and professional interests lie and we feel a public LinkedIn group is one way for people to get direct value from the Typophile community as a networking vehicle.

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NYC Identity at Graphic Hug

Graphic Hug has a great post on the NYC identity program. Beautiful type. Beautiful blog.

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Typography St Petersburg

I just got back from St. Petersburg and have posted all my pics from the trip on Flickr. Here is a sampling below. Or view the full St Petersburg Typography set.


Russian design student exhibition

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All systems go

Audio/video. Check. All systems go. T minus 22 minutes for Typophile Film Fest 4 Sankt Peterburg!

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Touched down in St. Petersburg for ATypI

Flying out of Frankfurt today I kept noticing a guy on the plane that looked familiar. Then I realized it was John D Berry. So great to see a familiar (and friendly!) face in a foreign country. We shared a cab to our respective hotels.

I'm looking forward to seeing the city's massive monuments to autocrats, wars and past glory. I'm also hoping to get my fill of cyrillic alphabets; enough to perhaps finish my own cyrillic alphabets I've started.

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Typophile Hearts Interns

Typophile is looking for an intern to start immediately.

+ Love typography and are in school to receive a BFA or equivalent in design

+ Can communicate well in written English

+ Have a solid grasp of Creative Suite 2 or 3 (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Flash is a plus.)

+ Want real-world experience in a multi-disciplinary design studio

+ Can handle an X-acto without losing blood

+ Is an international collaborative community of designers, typographers and type enthusiasts

+ Is operated by Punchcut the San Francisco based user interface design firm

The internship will require
+ Designing, writing about, shipping and fixing Typophile stuff

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The store will accept it's last orders Thursday night at midnight. We'll put our hardest working interns to the task of shipping everything on the 15th. The store will then close for a six month hiatus.

Thanks for everybody's support, your support has exceeded our target and we're optimistic about a reprint of some of the old classics.

For now you can get 'em while the ink is still drying:

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Typophile Tee Battle - And the winner is...

UPDATE We're now taking pre-orders in the Typophile Store.

After a heated battle and much deliberation the winning tee has emerged! SN Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India has won the contest with his subission Light, Regular, Bold & Bold Italic.

We don't expect the world to get it, and that's parf of the point. The tee will be printed on an American Apparel shirt in "Light Blue" with gray ink. Stay tuned for pre-order information.

Satya will receive a copy of the mighty FontBook (A $99 USD value, thanks to FontShop!) and a $100 gift certificate to Threadless, (thanks Skinnycorp!).

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Type Battle 25: Design the 2008 Typophile Tee

UPDATE: This weeks' battle is The 2008 Typophile Tee Contest. There's only 1 week, so get on it.

EARLIER: Stay tuned for next weeks' Type Battle. We've got something up our sleeves.

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Wordle Remixes the Tag Cloud

Wordle (no, not worlde) is has a pretty impressive world cloud generator. It's not quite a tag cloud, as that would imply that it's linked to content somewhere, but the visual algorithms are pretty cool.

(Lastly, I can't vouch for the source of the fonts in use - there are a half dozen to choose from. They're not font names I readily recognize.)

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