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Congratulations on Doublewide, Christian

Congratulations on Doublewide, Christian. The featured face looks double good this week.

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Brand Tags: What the world really thinks

The basic idea of Brand Tags is that a brand exists entirely in people's heads. Therefore, whatever it is they say a brand is, is what it is.

Try it out. You'll find it's very addicting. And it's even more interesting to see what tags emerge for companies like Barbie or Volkswagen.

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Ornaments, Frilly Bits, Hand-lettering, &c.

First up. Prolific blogger Cameron Moll posts a roundup of great sources for ornaments, frilly bits, ephemera, &c.

And, Jason, going by the Flickr username InvisibleElement, has consistenly become a favorite in my Flickr contacts for his hand lettering and illustration. Check it.

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Cubescape Experimental Animation

Cameron Adams is one of those rare designer/developers that breaks right-brain, left-brain stereotypes. Cubescape is one such example of an experiment in code that performs as beautifully as it is designed.


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JetBlue is Back

I love a compelling brand story. And before I jump in, I need to confess my ties to the JetBlue brand, having once designed the logo, identity and airplane graphics (ahem, the livery design to use industry parlance) while I was at Merkeley and Partners.

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AmazType: Amazon book search visualizer

AmazType - a Typographic Book Search

amaztype is a cool little mashup tool that creates a visualizer for Amazon's book search.

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I heart Freight

There are gimmicky fonts and there are solid fonts. The gimmicky ones are fleeting. Cool for a moment, but they tire quickly. Emigre and T-26 and even some Underware fonts in time will look the same way. Then there are typefaces that feel standard, that feel timeless and hardworking -- by that I mean versatile, usable, readable. The problem with those two extremes is you want something that works hard, but that feels fresh. Something that will last but that will still let you pull out some surprise and some sparkle in your system. A few typefaces come to mind -- Meta (Erik Spiekermann) had that quality. And more recently Amplitude (Christian Schwartz) and Pill Gothic (Christian Robertson).

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Film Fest 4, San Francisco Sold out!

The San Francisco showing of the Film Fest is sold out. Thanks to everybody for your support. See you tomorrow night!

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Helvetica outtakes just arrived

The Helvetica outtakes (ahem, for the SF Typophile Film Fest) just arrived. Thanks Gary. Giddiness abounds.

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Exclusive Helvetica outtakes at TFF4, SF

Typophile Film Fest Update: The San Francisco screening will include exclusive (never before seen) interviews and outtakes from Gary Hustwit's acclaimed documentary film Helvetica. Stoked.

Reserve tickets, or get more information.

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Typophile Wallpapers

Here is a desktop and matching iPhone wallpapper to adorn the screens around you. Go to Typophile Projects > Wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper

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Record sleeve graveyard

Came across some great record envelope labels. Yum. (Follow the link for lots, lots more.)

Creative Commons = Creative Confusion?

Virgin Australia uses teen's Flickr photo for commercial use? Nuts.

As much as I like what CC is doing, it certainly hasn't helped add clarity when (possibly irresponsible) creatives think they can a) use something for commercial use and b) merely give a vague attribution to Flickr, (rather than the content creater/owner).

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Typophile meetup San Francisco

Jimmy, Karen, Jeannie Stewf and Zara

A few Typophile regulars met up in San Francisco for dinner at farmerbrown. Tasty food. Good conversation. Thanks to Karen Huang (snogblog, Manic) and husband Jimmy for providing a good excuse to get together.

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Who's on Twitter?

I'm here. Currently ranting about the new iPhone announcement.

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Mega Dose of Meta

Red + type = Serendipitous Typophile branding. Follow the link for the full desktop-wallpaper sized pic and enjoy the mega dosage Meta.

Red + Type

Taken on Grant Avenue, 5 doors down from the office.

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TC07: Flickr Pics

Nice shirt James

Jared spins the tables Typophile crew

...another great conference and an excuse to see a great city.

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TC07: Mike Parker on Helvertical

Mike Parker related this story from the early days Helvetica. A sales rep contacted him and says that forever they have been asked to push Trade Gothic, and now wants to know what is this Helvertical. Mike Parker replies, "you've got it all wrong, it's Horizontica."

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TC07: Heading out for a Typophile dinner...

...with the Typophile moderator crew. Tiffany, Eben, Zara, Paul, Stephen and of course Jared and I.

We'll be thinking of you Yves, Dan and Christian.

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TC07: Overheard...

Overheard: "The mountain is out." in reference to the (beautiful) clear skies here this weekend that allow you to see the mountain. (Mt. Raineer?)

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TC07: Nick Sherman rocking the wood type

Mmmmmmm. Wood type is making me hungry. Or is it just lunchtime?

Wood is somehow appropriate to the Pac Northwest.

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