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Helvetica is coming

Helvetica is coming and you're not ready...

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The Typophile Film Fest entries are in

The Typophile Film Fest entries are in...

Do you still have something to submit? Get it here by 21 July.

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Joe Kral could use your help

Joe Kral (founded Test Pilot Collective and sells fonts through Veer) could use your help. Ouch. Get better dude.

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Do you love to open new gear?

Admit it, you love opening new technology products. The smell of new Apple hardware is in a category of its own. Well, now there's a site for the tech voyeur in all of us...

And a link to my Flickr pics of opening the new MacBook...

Thanks Nancy for the link.

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Typophile is 6!

On May 1st, Typophile silently turned 6. Shh. Don't tell anybody.

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Fred Smeijers on Legibility

FontShop's FontFeed has a great piece on the trouble with defining "legibility" written by Fred Smeijers.

Worth a read: Fred Smeijers on Legibility

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Oneletter, it's not just a clever word, it's a Flickr phenomenon.

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Playing with light

I saw Fred Eerdekens work years ago, but a friend just sent me a link to his latest stuff. His work is all created with cast shadows. The script is particularly beautiful.

Breathe deeply, dim the lights and click on the "Shadow Play" exhibit.

Thanks Brendan for the linkage.

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iPod packaging, Microsoft style

This is a hilarious satire in branding. The iPod packaging Microsoft style...

(Sorry if you've seen this already.)

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Marian Bantjes' has a new site

Marian Bantjes recently announced the redesign of her portfolio site, Her work is absolutely beautiful and the new site showcases it better than before. Be sure to check out the collaboration with Stefan Sagmeister.

(Congrats Marian on the relaunch! Looking forward to unleashing your work in the upcoming Font 005 to the world again. =)

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Typography and the Aging Eye - an AIGA study

The AIGA has an interesting piece -- with accompanying diagrams -- on the aspects and effects of aging, on vision.

Worth a read: Typography and the Aging Eye

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Goodbye QWERTY?

This new screen-based keyboard is ingenius. It's fully contextual for each application, but more importantly allows the user to set the language on the fly, as there is a small screen behind every key. Curious what you multi-lingual designers think of this. It doesn't hurt that it's beautiful.

As an observation, it's interesting that this came from a Russian firm where they're probably tired of a Latin-centric QWERTY world.

I wonder what the possibilities are for languages like Chinese with enormous character sets.

Thanks Jen Panasik for

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Disney buys Pixar for $7.4 Billion

Disney pays the cash, but the Pixar execs walk in and take the first-class seats. Very interesting. I guess for a cool 7bn you should be able to buy yourself a new swanky studio in Emeryville (ahem, my place of residence in the SF Bay Area), put Mr. Midas (Jobs) on your board and replace your executives and the creative staff in both the animation and the imagineering divisions.

NYTimes article:

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US to buy Canada for $6.4 Trillion

"Ooh, there's oil up there! Oh, but it belongs to other people. What's that? There's a whole other country up there? Dang."

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Transparent screens

Clearly these people have too much time on their hands...

No, it's not a Photoshop gimmick, it's much cooler than that...
a) photograph your work area, minus your computer
b) carefully crop the image of your work area
c) set the cropped image as your desktop background (or "wallpaper")
d) amaze your friends

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72 point typo

When the AIGA screws up at 72 point it should be documented. AIGA does everything perfectly, so this anomaly reminds me they're only mortal. =^p

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Dear Adobe

Dear Adobe,

Congratulations on your sweet purchase! Now that the merger is complete, please be kind to Macromedia.

Fireworks is 100x better than ImageReady. So make sure you know which limb to amputate before the anesthesiologist arrives.

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, Golive is teh suk. Dreamweaver is the good one... Chop accordingly.

Keep Photoshop for photo editing and Fireworks for web production. You put the PHOTO in Photoshop, now don't make it EVERYTHINGshop.

Don't try to turn SWF into a giant PDF engine. PDF is cool and SWF is cool, but for different reasons. If the twain meet, just make sure it's a good idea first, okay.

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So, you all know Flickr is the bomb. (Yes, Flickr is the single best example of why not just content, but user-created content is king.)

Due to the genius of the open API that taps into the Flickr pool of images, the blogger(s) at MetaateM have tapped into a method of Flickr typing. Try it out...

Play with "Typophile":
Enter your own text:

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Chinese Space Program Propaganda

Take a look at these beautiful and cute promotional posters from the Chinese Space Program.

As a commentary, it's interesting to see the ones with clearly Chinese imagery (the Great Wall, bow and arrow, toddler with Panda, etc.) juxtaposed with posters that took all their cues from Russian communist propaganda (workers united in exuberant cheering holding red flags).

Via Boing Boing.

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Morning Becomes Eclectic Finally Gets a Podcast

Having lived in LA for a couple years during my youth I encountered KCRW, a public (non-commercial) radio station based out of Santa Monica College that happens to have a consistently excellent music show, Morning Becomes Eclectic with host Nic Harcourt. The show always involves the band coming in the studio for a live 40 minute session.

Well, they've always had Real Audio streams (which have had sub-par quality over the years) but they've recently made the show available as a Podcast (Link requires iTunes).

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Apple using Front 242 lyrics?

File under: "I didn't think anybody would notice."

I got a chuckle when I noticed that the Mac Mini page at Apple is using some Front 242 lyrics for catchy subheads. (I think it's from their track "Headhunter".) Funny.

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Tiger Type Widgets: Figlet and Type Cast

The Tiger Widget, Figlet, generates ascii text in about 9 different styles. You type in the word and it generates the ascii. It's fantastic. It offers the convenience of adding the text to your clipboard so all you need to do is paste it into your app.

 ___         _           _   _    
| __|_ _ _ _| |_ __ _ __| |_(_)__ 
| _/ _` | ' \  _/ _` (_-<  _| / _|

() |_  _,       _|_  _,   , _|_ o  _  
  /| |/ |  /|/|  |  / |  / \_|  | /   
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Mmm, Letterpress

Eye candy for letterpress fans.

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Uppercase forums are back

Shhh. Don't tell anybody.

Look for a formal announcement soon where we'll announce that all the past threads have been restored.

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Not Your Usual Bollocks

I found a podcast I can actually recommend: Not Your Usual Bollocks (iTunes link requires v4.9 for built-in Podcast action) (or It's a very tasty 30 to 45 minute block of various indie tracks with very little jabber from the London-based host. He plays some obscure stuff (at least to my ears) - some Brit electronica, German electronic. Then he mixes in just enough recognizable stuff from Kasabian, Autolux, Aphex Twin and others to keep it at least a tad familiar. The unpretentious deejay doesn't even mention his name.

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