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Apple Eats the Intel Fruit

Upside: The future could mean running OS X won't require Apple hardware. In other words, the ability to run OS X on any Intel box. It also means that a huge body of people with existing Intel hardware will be able to use OS X.

Downside: I may never get a G5 Powerbook, but will have to wait for the G6 in 2006.

I'm reading between the lines here a little. But the news is very interesting.

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Two weeks into the Typowiki...

The Typowiki has been live for 2 weeks and already there are hundreds of entries. Mostly I'm impressed, not just by the quantity, but with the quality and the direction it's moving. Looks like the future is going to be open source.

Some exemplary posts so far:


Looking forward to seeing this thing grow.

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House Gets Serious with "Paperback"

So, you thought House Industries (ahem, Mister House Industries) was all grown up, having added the Neutraface and Benguiat families in recent years. Well, they just upped the ante with Paperback, a serious text face with optically sized masters, patterns, alternate figures, dingbats, et cetera. Everything you'd want if you're designing for, well a paperback, or maybe for newsprint.

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