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siggi eggertsson meets times new roman

funny but you have to check it out:

mikey :-)

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Proper spelling of Yanomami...

On the wikipedia talk page, a user spelled the name of the Yanomamo people with an ogonek, yet the article is spelled with a combining cedilla. I could easily elect to use no diacritics and use the more common Yanomami spelling, but that would be fun at all!

So... how is it spelled?

Mike Diaz :-)

Hi Yall:

That tread vanished!

I remember Cris Keegan participated. I’m not sure if I did.
What was totally weird or profoundly unusual was the person wanting the ID was offering a $25 reward.

VLLG Traitor was suggested—close but not it.

Anyways I found it the exact match:

Baseline’s website is all messed up. I’m not sure of the font is called Jamiroquai or Bobeck.

Anyway. There it is.


Mike Diaz :-)

PS... I am not even sure if anyone else got it right. Oh, well, just being thorough.

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Nick Shinn you got some splain to do...

Figgins a little too “grotesque”? Or is it Pratt Pro that’s soo over-the-top-sexy for the internet that it drives Google into def-con level 10 or something... YO GOOGLE! JUST BECAUSE THE GUY IS ON METRIC SYSTEM DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN BLOCK HIS PAGE!!! :op

Mikey :-)

PS... But for real tho... Why is google picking on you?

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What do you get when you cross... ?

Q: What do you get when you cross Thesis roman with Sassoon italic?

A: Canada Type’s Informa Pro

Check it out here:

Am I right, or am I right?

Mikey :-)

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OS X makes boring font exciting...

Who said moiré was bad? Nope—it’s fun fun fun!

This font, 79, by—I have no clue—is just okay. Not TDC material, I know, but it does have a purpose.

But look at what OS X Exposé can do to it.

Groovy gradient patterns within the letters.

Mikey :-)

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Why is that ... Chalet Stencil????

It’s probably not a custom font, but I think Pepsi did a fine job using a stenciled Chalet for their new “all-natural” (and obvious catering to women) cola.

Mikey :-)

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Zanzibar in use...

Gabor Kothay’s Zanzibar is one of those fonts, that when you buy it, you won’t know what to do with it. It’s so fabulous—it’s mind boggling (much like myself) !

Well, here it is on Nantaka Joy:

Snag this superlovely font here:

Mikey D :-)

Free food?

Denny’s Grand Slam?

I’m there!

But I’m paying for it dearly.

Tum, Tum, Tums!

Not to mention I had to deal with the atrocious people behind me.

“My mom socked that b$%^* for talkin’ that s@!$ for getting crazee and we’s was like....”

But it was free right?


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Almost but no cigar...

Lovely Illustration really.

I even like the murky watercolor sky.

And Bookman Swash is always fun.

But what was the designer thinking with Monotype Corsiva?!

This is one of those “Made in New York City ?!?!?!?!?!” moments.

Mikey :-)

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FF Meta Serif in Use... In a Cute Way.

Hello All:

I’m all about the cute stuff man!

And if someone can take a typeface that I think is big rig-industrial (such as Meta Serif) then make it jolly, then, well—that’s blogworthy!

Here is a nifty little book set in FF Meta Serif... and it doesn’t it look trés lovely?!

You can see more here:

And purchase it here:

Mikey :-)

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FS Albert in use...

I have extolled the many of virtues of IKEA before, but did you know IKEA has a Swedish food market?

Get your Omega fatty acids from the land of Volvo, ABBA, and people with Legoland haircuts. Try the many seafood products IKEA supplies, particularly salmon fish—as frozen blocks, or cured and spiced as Gravlax filets, even in paste form. This leads me to my little font-in-use discovery:

Abba Seafoods (no relation to the dancing queens) uses FontSmith Albert for their product labeling.

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Remember Margaline?

Back in the early 90’s there was a free display face called Margaline. I used it extensive in high school then the disk I had of it became corrupt. Bummer!

It had a puffy sans inside of a tear drop. (exciting I know)

Do you know if it still exists somewhere.

There was another face that probably came from a 1000 fonts for $5.00 collection. Rattascat Swash- or something like that.

I’m feeling nostalgic for my formative years working with type.

Mikey :-)

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How NOT to use Chalet Silhouettes...

This is just wrong and I'm just not referring to the horrendous story either. Notice the Chalet silhouette used out of turn. Sick and Sad:

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Ugly font for special edition Lexus

As it is I’m not too fond Lexus automotive design, but then they drop the ball on the typography.

Its just so sad...

Decent coupe

then this abomination

nice luxo barge

then again with the ugly graphics... so sad

Toyota, the Lexus division parent, is no stranger to nasty car logos and marquees. No even the junk Dafont is this bad :

So who gets it right? There are only a few a carmakers and their probably owned by...???

Stay Tuned,

Mikey :-)

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Another interesting alphabet...

Another cool alphabet from the dutch poster page:

I love!!!!!!

Mikey :-)

While not mind-bogglingly impressive this super old Unger design looks sophisticated enough this if it were released this very day it would not feel out of place. (a lo-fi Kontrapunkt condesed?)

He also has readability down-packed... notice the ink traps and slabs.

But the best part?...

Notice his handwriting. Don’t you need that!? I do. Mr. Unger needs to digitize it right now.

Squatty x-height, low contrast, and semi-connections. What’s not to love!

Mikey :-)

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Feltpen in use...

While not exactly a showcase of exemplary typography this is the first instance I have observed Feltpen in the wild.

A little rustic, but not too much.

Mikey :-)

SuperUltraFabulous's picture gets fonty!

The boot is ugly but the type is cool!

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Check out Santander...

We love to spy on the textaxis website all the time hoping we’ll see splashed all over the homepage, “Quixote coming to Myfonts”.

Surely you’ve admired Batin and the sweet suite, Suite.

There is also another site which features graphic design from the Textaxis people.

In this site you’ll see the custom face Santander:

Like Plantin with out looking stubby.


Mikey :-)

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Vista In Use:

Here is a fun example of Vista in use...

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Spot the fake

I was thinking it would be smarter for me to buy an iPod off of eBay to save some money. I’m not so sure of that now considering there are so many counterfeits.

Apple only uses Myriad so what kinda junk is this?

Mikey :-/

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BT Fleischman on sale...

I am so over the ridiculously expensive DTL Fleischman.

Buy the fabulous Bitstream interpretation while it’s on sale for only $29.25 a style.
It comes loaded all those goodies we expect in a good text face these days too.

Mikey :-)

PS... I can’t think of any time before where Bitstream had put their fonts on sale on MyFonts. Hopefully, we’ll see more sales like this from them in the future.

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Graphik is use?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t Futura but is Graphik by Christian Schwartz

Mikey :-)

If you’ve seen the add for this spackle on Drew Barrymore, you can tell the product does not do what it says it does!

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iPhone 98455.0

Supposedly Apple with announce all kindsa cool stuff today.

More expensive crap? Prolly. I am waiting for the a revised iPhone.

Will I buy it? We’ll see.

Mikey :-)

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