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Gembira dengan Morabira , this contest has been launched exclusively for the the Malay World (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei @ Singapore).
Snap Jawi Singboard @ Win Jawiware
Snap Tanda-2 Jawi @ Menang Perisian Jawi
Photo Challenge | Signboard Jawi
Happy Hunting

Dear Friend,
Howmany fonts are used in ?
Name them @ win a copy of QalamBartar

The first to name the fonts is the winner.
Deadline @ Result: 2015.04.04 = 1394.01.15
Happy Contesting

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Fly High Tulisan Jawi Contest (2) : Dot @ Win

Salam Kawanku
Some dots inside are missing. Put them back @ win a copy of Arabic/Jawi Kaligrafer.
ببراڤا تيتيق د دالم لامن اين هيلڠ. ملتقکن مريک کمبالي @ ممنڠي سالينن عرب / جاوي کاليݢرافير
Deadline: 2014.09.09
All the Best for All

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Fly High Tulisan Jawi Contest (1) : Type @ Win

Dear Friends,
The first to post error-free text out of J1+J2.Pdf will be rewarded with one copy of our Arabic/Jawi Kaligrafer.
Deadline: 2014.08.20
All the Best for All

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Crazy Poetry

_O ________________ God's Word

Surely, I fear no sword
And love God's Word

He watches what we patch
And warns us from others hatch!

Let us leap not before we look,
Don't you see wisdom in His Book?

Only to Him, I do put the flight
Only for Him, I must do right + fight

Your head, do you scratch?
To Democracy , what a latch!

_ 1 ________________ Prawns, let us fry!

Prawns, let us fry!
Why was I born and will die?
How should I dive or fly?
Winner if I know how and why?!
Loser If do not know how and why?!
Exploited if I know how but not why?!

Wait! why I was given ear and eye?
Guided to the how only if I know why
To make a hole in the dry
Or a ladder in the sky?!

_ 2 ________________ Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

Salam Sejahtera Kawanku,
Cintai Tulisan Jawi kerana ia identiti Bani Jawi/Yawi

Membandingkan dengan Rumi,
1. Jawi lebih indah, lebih mudah @ lebih menarik.
Rumi = 26 +A+B+D+E+G+H+Q+R = 17x2 = 34 bentuk berdiri sendiri.
Huruf Jawi - titik-2 = Sahaja 19 bentuk yang manis @ tari-menari.
Tidak seperti Rumi, Jawi suka bercantum.
Hanya ekor perubahan seperti yang ditunjukkan di sini

2. BM adalah bahasa fonetik, seperti Arab.
Cara terbaik adalah ditulis dan diSilangkata dalam Jawi

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• Flower Crosswords for Learners + Teachers

Dear Friends,
Flower Crosswords are distinguished by their Rules + Clues + Goals:
_________________ Words in a flower _________________
1. are filtered out of a School Dictionary,
2. are of the same length (3,4,5 or 6-letter long),
3. go clockwise + CCW, from the tips of the petals toward the flower's heart,
4. are controlled by a SINGLE letter forming an OUTSTANDING letter wheel,

In this sample, all the 4-letter words end with K, forming a K-wheel (blue in color).

_________________ A flower can be made Cluless if _________________

1. only the vowels (A,E,I,O,U) are given/taken away, or
2. one or more letter-wheels is given/taken away, or
3. a list of the CW +/or the CCW words is given.

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