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typograhy humor?

found on the internet...

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how does typoholism affect you?

today i was lurking the itrawebz for some new music to check out.
I ended up downloading an album purely based on the fact that it was set in
Feijoa Display... I think i need help.

for those who are interested, here's a link to the cover

haven't checked out the music yet.

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hand-rendered type

Hi everyone.
As my research project for hons, I am creating a hand-rendered typeface. Designed for use with the works of illustrative nature, where a regular crisp type might clash with the work. The plan is to have some weights and an italic. This will of coarse not be ready for the moderation (which is next week) however if people are interested in this, I will implement all that as well as open type features, and alternatives for every glyph based on the frequency of it's use in English language. For now I have a regular and a bold lc. I'm finishing the bold UC right now, and after that I an type-setting a few specimen posters and compiling a book of the process work for moderation. As part of my research, I am also encouraged to post about my progress on the blog.

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This made me laugh: Arialvetica

i was taking a break from inking the letters, and found this on the back of the magazine in the studio. maybe its just late and i'm tired, but this made me laugh quite a bit...

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1st attempt

i was working on creating a logotype for 'school of applied communication'
having tried a few dozens of typefaces i got fed up and decided to try and develop my own lettering for it.

to cut the long story short, the client chosen a futura logotype over my design.

here's my rough logo done with a brush and indian ink.
i haven't digitised it yet, but since its been rejected i probably won't.

any feedback is welcome as this is my 1st jab at type design.

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cloudy bay type

found this in a liquor store in Sydney.
really like how this type works, looks very balanced and neat, kinda classy.
can anyone id this for me?

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sharing the love

hey, here's what I used to eat when i was a kid in Russia.
found this today in a Russian groceries store in Sydney and felt the need to share my nostalgic feeling with you.

oh and look at those nice slab serifs!

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