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In conjunction with the exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City, Ellen Lupton of the National Design Museum and Cara DiEdwardo of the Cooper Union will moderate a panel of type designers discussing the problems they have tackled.

I am pleased that my font Williams Caslon Text is one of those in the exhibition, and I will be one of the panel discussing Wicked Problems in Type Design on June 18 at the the Rose Auditorium of Cooper Union. The others speaking will be: Philippe Apeloig, Hubert Jocham, Henrik Kubel, Jeremy Mickel, and Jesse Ragan.

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Let's Get Real about the Dropout Crisis

My proposal to deal with the High School dropout crisis in the US is now up at Education Week:


If you can help make this happen, or have ideas to help, let me know!

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So you just can't get enough of Bill ...

Well you're in luck :)

I'm blogging on issues of ethics, psychology and religion in contemporary life over at the new Reform Jewish web site, www.RJ.org . It's now up.

First topic: anger. I've been doing an on-line study lately :)

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