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Untitled French Clarendon - in progess

Still figuring out what to do with the uppercase M.

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Mystery Pumpkin Font

Two nights ago my wife and I carved some pumpkins with our little one. Even though |this type battle was long past, I decided to render our house number in the style of a particular font. I did it freehand, and with admittedly poor tools (and then took blurry images of it!), but I think it came out passably enough that someone should be able to ID it.

Any takers? (BTW, this is solely for my own validation as a pumpkin carver.)

I'll also admit that the kerning is kind of off :(

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Danger Helvetica Scenario

I was riding the Red Line (Boston) this morning, and scrawled across a print ad over one of the windows, in red sharpie, was the phrase "DANGER HELVETICA SCENARIO". The ad had no Helvetica in it. I wish I had a camera on my phone.

Does this phrase mean anything to anyone?

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I missed this!?

I have nothing to say, really, except that I can't believe I missed an Erik Spiekermann Lecture at the BPL. I'd checked his blog a bunch of times in the last three months, and actually been to the BPL about a week before this, and somehow stayed oblivious of it.

I don't think I did anything that night either. Depressing.

Edit: Apparently this is a lecture that happens annually, and it was mentioned right here on Typophile. I have no excuse.

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New Icon/Avatar?

On a whim I updated my icon on Friday, but after some thought became convinced someone else had had a very similar icon a while back. Is this right, or am I imagining things?

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Sleepy's Mattress Redesign

Yesterday's ten-hour drive from Philly to Boston afforded me ample time to check out the billboards that spangle I-95. Probably the most interesting thing I happened upon was the redesign of the sort-of-familiar Sleepy's Mattress mascot.



My wife and I only saw one billboard (out of about a dozen) that still sported the old character. A simple case of the Brawnies, or am I reading too far into this?

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Stumbled across this on bldgblog.

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