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Urbino Italic

Some more screenshots taken during the elaboration process of Urbino italic typeface.

Two numbers of my Unique font resulting of an old collaboration for Luca Stoppini at Vogue Italy. Photo by Paolo Roversi

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Girl character

A character named Girl. I did it for a personal research on Balenciaga style.

My Reflection Small Caps character side by side with gorgeous Natalia.
Paolo Roversi photography.

An older font of mine called Signer and some pictures during its design process.

Definitely a typeface with a long story for me. After several adoptions for sub pixel rendering I newly had to make some redesigns for a retina display version without sub pixel rendering (lately problematic in iOS8).
After the time and many corrections with what Frederic Goudy once called the fresh eye effect it became slightly more classic gothic more in the direction of a Chanel like typeface. This was caused by making design automatically bolder and lighter a few times doing the needed corrections by hand.
As since I had started over the time many letters have undergone improvements that I wouldn’t want to get lost during the re-process.

Two pictures of my “Girl” character. g was inspired by beautiful Natalia.

See my Reflection character with the beautiful Natalia photographed by Paolo Roversi in an artistic personal research that I did for Christian Dior griffe:
Click and drag to see the letters more close up.

Here a screenshot during the work on my Urbino italic typeface.

[from Frammenti della Bellezza]

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Ravish Font YSL

Two pictures of my „Ravish“ character accompanied by a Paolo Roversi photography.

Here some new pictures of my font called Threeadvanced in its sub-pixel negative variant

I am still captured by adapting monitor fonts for sub-pixel rendered environment. Two pics from my font meant to work in small sizes and in negative use white on black ground. To create a version that is similar in weight to the original one has to do a very much lighter character design like the one above in this pic.
But it’s worth while because sub-pixel fonts look so much neater and better!
To see it „at work“ here is my credit page part of my homepage:

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webfont Advanced


some pics from my work on a font for my webpage destinated for very small sizes around 9px.
I am struggling with balancing hinting for small screen sizes, special versions for negative use on black ground with sub pixel rendering and so on…

In this pic one can see the results comparing (for now only) two browsers Google Chrome and Safari both on Mac.

For me the first one is the best, yet it is achieved with a particular thinner version of the same font only for the use on black ground. Otherwise as known sub pixel rendering tends to make fonts look much bolder than they are in reality.

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Reflection Text

Here some pictures while I am working on „Reflection Text“

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Once again the sensibility of Paolo Roversi inspires me drawing my letters. These photos are from an old Ferretti ad campaign (1998 I think). The characters are from my „Webadvanced“ font. A thicker but meant to be elegant character which I’d love to keep some elegance and liveliness even in the smaller sizes on monitor. What a hard way to go!
I am listening to the beautiful semiclassical music of William Orbit.

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„Advanced“ typeface

Monitor pictures during my work on a „Advanced“-version for my new webpage thought for tiny letter sizes.

Monitor pictures of while I am working on my new typeface Minors advanced. This sans serif character is indeed a very old one (of mines) on which I did modifications that changed its look. I wanted to add to it more fashionable elegance, more in the direction of Franklin gothic feeling, clear and charming forms.

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„Reflection“ Arbeitssituationen

Reflection is a creation influenced by a fashion photography story by Steven Meisel.
Here are some letters and thoughts about it.
I’am sorry that text is only in German language from my manuscript “Frammenti della Bellezzza”.

Reflection Small Caps_Rs“

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„Memoir“ Arbeitssituationen

These are two pictures from the working process of a character I called Memoir .

The photo in the background is by Paolo Roversi.

Memoir c
Memoir c_cys


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«Frammenti della Bellezza» [„Fragments of Beauty“]
(uno studio di caratteri)


Pieces of my personal typeface work and also researches about beauty in general from my very personal point of view: expanding from renaissance painting to Proust, from fashion photography (as especially the work of Paolo Roversi) to my love to Italy and more… [title]

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„Urbino“ Arbeitssituationen

This is during my work on Urbino Italic. I keep various windows open for inspiration purposes and to compare letters to each others while I am drawing.
This one is during my work on the ‘g’. The photo showes Natalia Vodianova captured beautifully by the Italian [rooted] photographer Paolo Roversi.
Urbino Italic countered ‘g’s
Urbino Composition (for my forthcoming new website design)
Urbino Italic details: ag_g Schlinge g Schlinge


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„Vision“ Arbeitssituationen

(aus Frammenti della Bellezza)

Dieses Bildschirmfoto zeigt eine Situation während der Zeichnung der Vision. Große Freude hatte ich an der ‘9’, die sich, so wie ich fand, aus der Geste der Dame auf dem Bild entwickelt hatte. In ihrer Form spiegelt sie den Arm wider, den sie zum Kopf führt und spontan wünschte ich mir ein Parfum dazu, „Nr. 9“ vielleicht, dass mit ihrer anmutigen Geste formal spielen könnte.

Some other pictures from Frammenti della Bellezza by Stefan Seifert

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