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Hi my friends, today I have a question for you, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION of this f-i ?
the language is catalan, and the meaning of the word FINNISIM in english is FINE in spanish is FINISIMO (more easy to traslate)
I attach the pic only of the word, and also attach the pic with the context of the text,
I was read a book, and can see this kind of ligature, very particular.

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Hi from Ecuador!

Hi my frineds, Im Alonso, from Quito Ecuador, Im a begineer in the w of type design, so I will need your help, to start,
somebody can recomend me tutorials for learn fontlab studio 5.1.2 I need to drive this tool is so basic, and I need the material for that, so please if somebody knows about special program, or something like than, THANK YOU so much!!



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