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Noob troubles and Solutions

Being Noob always sucks especially when you are in the company of best. Recently I've decided not to ask noob questions on the forum. Also i had recently gotten into trouble with my FL studio. When ever i open a glyph cell i had to open the tools toolbar again and again. I didn't know what the problem was. I wanted to post it in typophile forums but I had restrained myself from doing so. I never knew i would find the actual solution but today i miraculously found the solution. I had the autohide feature turned on( i just wondered what it was when i turned it on and completely forgot it). Now it is working flawlessly and i am happy that i found out the solution. It might not be a lot but it gave me confidence.
P.S. Be careful while you are messing with your software

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First look of Spastha Sans

Hey guys,

Here is the first look of the typeface i am creating. Only caps done. No character spacing done and you can forget about kerning. Just wanted some feedback.
The thickness of strokes of V, W, X, Y is to be increased.
S can do better with some more tweaking.
And the inner curves of characters like B, C, O, Q are not perfectly circular(for the lack of better term) and look jagged.( I have no idea how to change it).

Please inform me if you have any other issues...

Update: The problem of jagged text is more pronounced when using at pt size of 36. The other point sizes also give text which is not very smooth. Why?


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