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My MATD Blog

I'm now in Reading starting the one-year MATD course, and just in case anyone's interested in following my progress, I've started a blog over on Tumblr. A Year of Type Design will chart the excitement and challenges of my studies.

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Typographic Portraits

I came across this page and wondered how they achieved this clever sort of effect...some kind of manual text treatment with colour overlay clipped on top?

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Barclaycard Logo

I just came across this new, bizarre logo for Barclaycard.

the new Barclaycard identity aims to convey a calm, confident exterior while being warm and vibrant on the inside... and that the globe motif represents a "chip" being released from the constraints of the plastic card and welcomed in by new, exciting methods of payment.

The thing for me is that it's so generic and anonymous. And empty inside. More discussion and comparisons here. You can add the new Xerox logo to that list too; what is it with shiny balls and 'friendly' text?

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PriceWaterhouse Coopers Logo

Has anyone else noticed how weird the PWC logo is?

With the W midway in size between lowercase and uppercase, it leaves me unsure whether it's a separate word. Why the jumping baseline? And why is the letter order changed in the black box?
I think it's very weird indeed :/

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What happened to my beautiful document

I guess this is what happens when you let someone else 'finish off' your work...
There were just a few details to be checked before printing the document. However, someone thought they would 'improve' the whole document by putting it into MS Word, adding unhelpful titles and using animated text effects.
I got too annoyed counting the things that were bad...ouch!

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