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AdobeSans and the perils of font substitution

It's so easy to end up with this

when it was supposed to look like this

I'd just like to point out that I am not responsible for this :-)

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Alan Fletcher at the Design Museum, London

Not as many photos as I thought, I'm afraid.

This (from 1960)

caught my eye, because it reminded me of this
(c. 2006) that I have to make badges of next week.

I think we've probably had some of these on the Type ID board

Facsimile (full size, wall painting) of the gates from Fletcher's home

And a very cool collage of objects from a junk hoard

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Bless 'em all,

the long*

and the short and the tall**

It's all in a week's work;-)

* Gill Sans Bold c.190% reverse squoosh™
** Copperplate Bold .c 32% squooshed™

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Design Museum, London

Rather disappointed to see that this

was the only piece of Kinneir and Calvert's work on display in the Designing Modern Britain exhibitiom, and I think that changed on Sunday.

There was also a London Underground display with some some posters, an upholstery swatch and a repro platform seat with integral enamelled roundel. And a small case with some Gill and Monotype material.

The Alan Fletcher exhibition downstairs was (to my mind, and my wife agrees with me) much better.

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Benguiat on the street

I've finally got around to doing it, some of the discussion in this type IDthread forced me to photograph these two shopfronts just round the corner from my home.

and I think this too much.

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1975 type head for a feature about 1966, sweet. I might have to figure out just how squooshed™ that Bauhaus is.

I'm not entirely sure how appropriate Helvetica Condensed is for a London street nameplate from '66 either.

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Reverse squoosh™

This is fun…

Tahoma, 185% reverse squoosh™

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Sunday lunch…

A lovely day today… a walk through Petts Wood

to the Bull's Head
for pint or two of Winter Warmer
and then ride home on a bus, looking at this

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You just can't beat a good cliché…

but perhaps you should.

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The perils of Xara 3d

There are some things that you just shouldn't do, even if you can.

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Looking for the logo at I found several PDFs with this same vector rendering.

Looks like it started out life as Copperplate. It really is truly hideous. Most of the serifs don't match, the baseline is very variable and the V isn't even the same height on both sides.

I hope the C is meant to look like a piece of fruit, I can't think of any other reason why it should be that shape.

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I've been wondering for some time what sort of thing to use this facility for.

It occurred to me that I collect various "found type" images and dodgy logos all the time, so that'll be my theme… mostly.

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Can you hear me Mother?

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First experiments

I'm just going to make a short posting here, and see how long it hangs around for.

I seem to have an ability to make disappearing Wiki posts, so this'll be interesting.

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