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Really cool holiday cards

Check out these really cool holiday cards from fellow typophile Christina Peressini!

to see more


or look here


My specimen has finally joined the others on the MATD page.


Already there are mistakes to correct but have a look an feel free to comment in any way you wish. All feedback will be gratefully received. I am under no illusions that this is finished stuff. But I learned a great deal doing it which is deeply pleasing.

The ROP document (reflections on practice) will join soon.

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I recommend: Pen to Printer seminar

If you can make it next year I recommend the Pen to Printer seminar put on in Ditchling ( South of England ) by the Edward Johnston Foundation.


I will post some pictures from it to my flickr soon.

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Italy is nice....

Italy is nice.... I am about to have a walk in the piazza rain or no.

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Back from Robothon with pics

Robothon was well organized, heavily attended and a great deal of fun. My thanks to all of those involved and to the generosity, patience, and good taste of the many people involved.


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17th C French punch cut type

I also shot type in this book "Historie De Leglise et Diocese et Ville Universite D'Orleans" 1647

If you are keen on 17th C French type here is your chance to have a look at some.


Extra points for typeface IDs of course!

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Elzevier Type

I shot a bunch of Elzevier type in a variety of body sizes at the Boston Public Library.

Here it is


Here is a teaser:

Here are the images:


I don't have much so far, but I will be adding to it if possible.

These are probably the closest pictures I have taken. The paper fibers are very apparent.

I can get one large step closer and I will probably try to do that in Jan.

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I gave in - I bought a cool book here in England

You can get some idea about it here:


I am curious about the type. Anybody have any inside info on who "Stephani Mercatoris" could be? He seems to be credited with having either designed or set the type I can't tell which just yet. I am looking forward to showing it to James Mosley.

The University of Scranton has this to say about it:

Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu Theologi : Commentarii in Qvatvor Evangelistas, 1596 is a first edition of an important commentary on the Vulgate Gospels. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Maldonado was "superior to most exegetes of his time and inferior to none."

Reading the Sci Lit on "Crowding" is tough but exciting too. I have much more to read and I need to re-read to be sure I have it but this does stuff seem promising to me despite some seemingly ( typographically ) naive choices made in some of the experiment designs. More on this later...

More images of the contextual looking letters in the Aldine book Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

The new images are at the end. Although they are not as close as the older ones they are clearer than my older ones.

I am starting the process of defining a brief for my type - in a bit of backwards way by making a survey of text faces I find attractive/pleasant. Today I am looking at ( according to AF Johnson) something called Petit Romain Gros Oeil, number xix (16) and what do I find - another possible ra contextual feature/ligature. The book itself is a reproduction of the type specimens of Claude Lamesle. I don't have a date or really any decent info so I acn't get too excited about it. But it's interesting. According to the comentary at the front soem of the type dates from 1566 or so. So I would be completely surprised if the thing I am seeing is real. One thing is sure. I have a lot more looking to do this week!

The 1st day of classes is coming and all the students are excited! It's actually just an IT briefing but somehow it seems symbolic to everyone. I get my bike back from the shop tomorrow. I think I'll bike over to Waitrose and get some lovely dover sole.


After much travel ( St. Petersburg AtypI ) I am finally in Reading at Oaklands with glorious sunshine. I expect to see Julia & Antonio here tonight. I stayed with the very generous Jon Pinhorn last night. It was great getting to make friends with the departing Students, and gleaning a bit of wisdom from them. And now I know where the glass recycling goes. Now, to find out where the laundry is...

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Jovica Veljovic gave a great presentation today.

Jovica Veljovic gave a great presentation today. Thanks Jovica!

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I had a very useful meeting at Atdobe SJ today.

I had a very useful meeting at at Adobe San Jose today. Thanks to my kind hosts! I am sure my Atypi talk will be better for their input.

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More new TypeCon images are up

More new TypeCon images are up


Not quite done yet but I'm getting there.

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Jovica Veljovic at the SF Public Library!

Will you be going to see Jovica Veljovic at the SF Public Library? I will be!

A slide lecture by Jovica Veljovic, calligrapher, printmaker, teacher and word-renowned type designer, from Hamburg, Germany. Cosponsored by the Book Arts and Special Collections Center.

August 28th

5:30 reception
6:30-7:30 presentation.
( Lower level, Koret Auditorium )

For more info: contact Susie Taylor at The SFPL rare book room.

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What a great TypeCon!

What a great TypeCon! I even got to have coffee with JP at the end today.

I am plenty tired but also very happy.

My thanks to everybody who made it possible & especially the kind folk at p-22!


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Typecon off to a fine start!

Typecon is off to a fine start - IMNSHO. My thanks to Rob Keller and Atilla Korap for a very useful class today!

I'm Looking forward to seeing the Carey Collection and meeting David Pankow at RIT tomorrow. I saw the TypeCon Hotel today. Looks good!

I am going to AtypI in St. Petersburg, Russia to give my talk on Contextual Alternatives in roman text face design. I am very happy about this! :-)

In the meantime as I prepare, I wonder: do you have any advice for me about St. Petersburg? AtypI? Cusine? Pre-AtypI tourisim? Anything else?

Feel free to reply here or to contact me privately.


I am interested in any comments praising or otherwise.

This is an obviously faux old-book; complete with a faux marbling job done with screenprinting.

I designed this from afar and the good folks at Objective Press Canada published - well really - made this with their own hands. It uses P22's - LTF Calson Pro Long.

See more here:


Antonella, thanks for the photos!

I am in the middle of making a rapid Application/Portfolio for entry to Reading University's Type Design Program. If anybody has any advice they want to give me I am all ears. Feel free to comment here or to contact me offline. I am typing typing typing.

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