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The Hinting of X; Part I

Speak softly in an unintelligible language and carry a big illustration, as my granddaddy used to say.

H's-1.png, is a single font with a single set of instructions being rasterized 3 different ways, aliased, greyscale and Cleartype (CT), in VTT.

H's-2.png, the same, but I commented out the IUP instruction that smooths out the untouched points.

H's-3.png the left is CT with the x hints turned on, while the right is CT again, but has the x hints commented out entirely.

What’s the difference you might ask, between CT with and without x instructions. . .

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Slab in the Dark?

Intersting probable learn-something-everyday day, in ttwitterrverrrse...

Was following a tweet by the every brighter glowing @jasonsantamaria, I found myself at odds with his classing Adobe's fantastic Chaparral family as a Slab Serif. 

My expectation of the term would be obviously with serifs, and they would all be horizontal portions of rectangles parallel or perpendicular to the baseline without exception. 
Such serif structure and the related lack of stress in curves team up to form what I always thought of as a slab serif... Chaparral has some in common with my definition in the baseline serifs, some of the curves are unaffected by a diagonal pen. 

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