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LEGAN is a font that follow the classical Trajan pattern, with Lower Cases now, following exactly several geometrical proportion like root five and divine proportion (Golden Rectangle), same like Greek Trajan Upper Cases used at TRAJAN COLUMN. LEGAN creation processes include drawing and calligraphic artwork studies too.

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THORTL - a new heavy blackletter

Hi mates..!!!

This is my first entry on 'Typophile' I'm here for just show and share an opinion of fontdesign and all kind like this about.

"THORTL - a new heavy blackletter"
born and was inpired of my love to "Medieval concepts". When I designed this font I'm not complicated so much to myself about its shapes cuz I concentrated on a simple construction and keep two constant ideas on mind: one, that must be the readable and two, must keep the main concept. this is all.

Now on 2nd place you find a "farola" update, new sheet where show "farola simple"

Now I done a new font for write technical things, over machines, mechas or so.

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