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Opinions needed: Letterpress t-shirt

My venture TypographyShop is reprinting our "Letterpress" tee, which has been a minor hit in the lead community. The current design is on the woman in the image below.

A purist pointed out however, that the copy block should be upside down, as it's done when type is hand set. Do you feel we should offer that as an option as in the mock up on the male below?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Counter. Would love your opinion on new shirt

I'm putting a new shirt up on TypographyShop
for the first time in awhile. I'd love this community's opinion on it and the choice of sizes for the word "counter."

As I noted in a string of comments on our Facebook page, the word "counter" has more than a couple of meanings. The O? Is it Oprah? The big O? Then the type geek wearer gets to explain what it really means.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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Hello all,

I'm launching a blog called Typositor. As if the world needs another design or type blog. But I plan to focus on pre-digital Graphic Arts technology and workers on a regular basis, so I'm hoping it will be a slightly different voice. If you remember, and especially if you used the VGC Typositor in its heyday, I'm wondering if you might comment on any technical aspects of this maiden article. A few xxx's are in place as I need to fill some research holes, but I'd love anyone's two cents on any aspect of this post. It's a bit long and has a personal angle to it, but I wanted to establish a voice for this first posting and introduce the blog's name in the process.

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Last day to win a hoodie from TypographyShop

Today's the last day to win a free hoodie from my outfit TypographyShop or take advantage of our hoodie sale. To be eligible simply leave our link somewhere on the web and click here to enter.

Choose from Sans, ilovetypography a-z or Helvetica Neue Descending a Hoodie.

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Win a free Hoodie from TypograpyShop

Every Friday we give away a free t-shirt at TypographyShop, but this week I'm giving away a free hoodie in celebration of our Hoodie Restocking Sale. The winner will choose from Sans, ilovetypography a-z or Helvetica Neue Descending a Hoodie.

To be eligible simply link to TypographyShop via a tweet, blog post, Facebook post, leave a note at your favorite design blog or anywhere else on the web and you'll be eligible to win.

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The Daily Heller/Tree of Type

Today's Daily Heller, from the one and only Steven Heller, has a brilliant Type Tree from Bauer created in 1937 on the occasion of the foundry's 100th anniversary. He's reproduced the extensive text illustrating the tree's myriad classifications and mentions that it's probably not entirely accurate. I'd love to see this community weigh in on Bauer's accuracy in explaining their tree.

The subject line is theirs, not mine. (Clever, though.) For as little as $1.00 you can help the WNY Book Arts Center purchase a rare treasure trove of Woodtype via Kickstart. http://kck.st/hbVYiJ

I'm not sure if someone listed this already, but a search of the site comes up empty. Tiffany Wardle de Sousa posted it on her facebook page and I've reposted it around. They're up a few hundred from the other day, so something's working.

From the posting at Kickstart:

We just released the second in our series "The Ten Commandments of George Lois." The quotation reads The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. When I first approached George about collaborating, this was his immediate suggestion and remains one of his more celebrated statements.

My favorite quote of his, "Great ideas can't be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested" was the first release in the series.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this shirt will benefit the Herschel Levit scholarship fund at Pratt Institute, Mr. Lois' alma mater.

We're proud to announce that the UK t-shirt blog Hide Your Arms is featuring 5 TypographyShop tees in their post on 250 beautiful typographic t-shirts: http://bit.ly/azJcrZ

Only a portion are truly about typography, but all of the shirts feature distinctive typographic treatments.

My outfit TypographyShop recently released two new shirts chosen by our buyers from a number of themes related to letterspacing.

Well Kerned is a simple statement set in Neuzit S Book Heavy and printed in white on an American Apparel black Fine Cotton Jersey T-Shirt. Letterspaced, a phrase that could be interpreted a number of ways is set in Trade Gothic Bold Condensed 20 and printed in white on a black American Apparel tee.

Both are on pre-release sale untill August 15th. Just 17.99 for men, 18.99 for women.

Every Friday we give away a free tee at TypographyShop. http://bit.ly/aWP8Ga

Sign up to win a free shirt. Each Typography Friday we'll randomly select a winner to be awarded the shirt of his or her choice.

There's no catch. If you're not on our mailing list we'd love it if you'd pop over here and sign up, but it's not necessary.

Have a great weekend.

A beautiful collection of Warner Brothers final scene type treatments, the majority hand drawn.

Mouse over for the film's title card: http://tinyurl.com/yjj2y6a

Part of a massive collection of Film Title stills assembled by Dutch web designer Christian Annyas. Not the usual homage to film title sequences themselves, but of the moment when the film's title and hence it's type treatment is first revealed in the sequence.

Brilliant sleuthing, kudos to Christian.

TypographyShop is expanding its line into hoodies. We've just released Helvetica Neue Descending an Eco-Friendly Hoodie just in time for the holidays. We wanted to find a very special hoodie and were happy to find this blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The polyester started life as plastic bottles and even the dye used in the process is low impact.

We've got a new t-shirt up as well: Letterpress. Set in Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk bold in reverse, a very simple homage to everyone's favorite printing process. Or at least it seems like it these days.

TypographyShop has just released three new themes on four shirts. We polled our buyers and a few friends, presenting 9 ideas for new shirts. By an overwhelming majority they chose "Make the Logo Smaller," followed by "Sans" and "Serif."

Our respondents were split over whether the phrase "Make the Logo Smaller" should be quite small or very large, to drive home the point. So we decided to offer both.

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Fleece Extended

We're extending the sale on the Helvetica Neue Descending a Sweatshirt until January 10th. We're going to be adding another color this week and we'll be offering that on sale for at least as long.

They're really warm and came in quite handy when I was in Wisconsin over the holidays. Pick one up and save $5.00 off our regular price.

Happy New Year to the Typophile community.

Warmer gear has finally arrived at TypographyShop. We're pleased to present Helvetica Neue Descending a Sweatshirt.

They're on pre-release sale for $24.99 until December 31st, though we'll be shipping on the 20th. The classic ash crewneck is screened in black on a 9 oz. classic ash crewneck 90/10 sweatshirt.

We've sold its companion, Helvetica Neue Descending a T-shirt to buyers in over 20 countries now and hundreds of design blogs have featured us. We’ve got a new site and tons of new product coming in 2009, including some designs by some very prominent practitioners.

We recently created a new flickr group called Typographic T-Shirts. It's a group for all typographic themed gear, not just ours. We've had over 100 photos submitted in just two weeks covering some of the best tees for designers out there.

Type t-shirts seem to be more popular each day and it's a very friendly community of competitors. Several of them have joined our group and we hope that it might become a definitive compendium of the genre.

We've also got a flickr group for our buyers:TypographyShop Tees We'd love to see more shots there if you've bought one of our shirts.

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Across the Univers sale extended

We've extended the sale on our new "Across the Univers" shirt http://typographyshop.com/univers_w_t-shirt.html through September 14th. We got our first mailing out to our buyers a bit late and wanted to give them more time.

Nearly 40% of the buyers of this shirt also bought our first, "Helvetica Neue Descending a t-shirt." Talk about customer loyalty.

As several of them came from here, I want to thank this vibrant community for being so supportive of this new venture.

I'm pleased to announce that legendary adman George Lois and web pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman are coming on board with us. George has given me his permission to use my favorite quotation of his: "Great ideas can't be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested."

Jeffrey Zeldman, who helped launch TypographyShop into the blogosphere and beyond will soon be selling shirts with his iconic pixelated mug and the phrase "since 1990." No name, no url. Like Che, Jeffrey needs no branding.

Jeffrey's a huge fan of Mr. Lois. I'm not sure if George has heard of Mr. Zeldman. I'm honored to have them both on board.

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Across the Univers.

We've got a new shirt up on TypographyShop at last. http://typographyshop.com/univers_w_t-shirt.html "Across the Univers" is a companion design to our first offering "Helvetica Neue Descending a T-shirt" http://typographyshop.com/helvetica_t-shirt.html

Classic typeface meets classic tune in our latest offering. A stylistic companion to our first offering, Helvetica Neue Descending a t-shirt. Adrian Frutiger's 1954 masterpiece is illustrated in descending weights in two colors. On sale at the special pre-order price of just $19.99 until August 31st.

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TypographyShop is up!

We've just launched http://typographyshop.com and thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman and Josh Spear, along with dozens of bloggers and design hubs we're off to a great start.

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