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A Bright Idea

I want one of these fancy light pens!

Send someone a greeting, or put your name in lights here.

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Graffiti has gone GREEN

I'm mowed over by Anna Garforth's use of typography in her "guerilla gardening." Read more about it at Environmental Graffiti.

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Picture perfect letters

After seeing what Dan Tobin Smith was able to do with random, everyday objects (aka junk), I'll definitely be thinking twice before throwing anything away.

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Typographic Curb Appeal

While walking home the other day I spotted this on the front-side of a new apartment building. I thought the typographic treatment was very unique, and I liked the way the letters flowed in and out of the surface.

If you've seen type used in interesting ways where you live, please share them here.

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I can't wait until this pop-up book by Marion Bataille is released on October 14th. Counting down the days...

Click here to see the preview video.

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22 of the world's most creative alphabets

Type is everywhere!

Check out a collection of alphabets gathered from artists, photographers, and design students from around the world on the ReubenMiller blog.

Here are a few of my favs:

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Hi everyone! My name is Ngoc, and as of this week I'm the newest member to the Typophile/Punchcut team. I'm really excited about working here and just as excited about posting to the Typophile blog. I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone interesting typography, graphic imagery, and stories I'll come across on the internet or around San Francisco. There's plenty of great work and ideas to be shared, and I think the Typophile community is a great place to do it.

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