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Which Typefaces for Reading Primers?

Which typefaces have been used in the past and which are used nowadays in Reading Primers?

Why is it that hints are not shown when Fontlab opens a TrueType hinted font?
Is there any way to open a TrueType hinted font in FontLab and see the hints?
This doesn't happen with Type 1 hinted fonts, i this case FontLab shows all hints.

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How are webfonts made?

Could anyone tell me how webfonts are made?

If one wants to alter and make smaller just the x-height of a typeface, (z-height = 446 > 407) and keep the Cap height the same, which other letters besides the numerals and the Capitals should stay the same?

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Any idea what font is this?

What font is this?

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Fontforge for Mac OS X 10.4.11

Which version of Fontforge would work on a Mac OS X 10.4.11?

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Any idea which is this typeface?

Is this typeface a grotesque or a geometric sans and which one is it?

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Any idea which Sans Serif is this?

I can't quite figure out which typeface is this Sans Serif. Can anyone tell me?

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What is "sanspareil"?

What is the meaning of the word "sanspareil" in the expressions "the sanspareil matrix cutting method" and "sanspareil 8-lines Pica"? I found them while reading the book 'Stephenson Blake, The last of the Old English Typefounders.'

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Doric Italic ???

Has anyone ever seen a specimen of Doric Italic?

It is mentioned by Roy Millington in "Stephenson Blake The Last of the
Old English Typefounders", Oak Knoll Press.

The reference about Doric is:

Doric 12 1870: Stephenson Blake reissue. The first example of a sans serif letter taken from the William Caslon N 1816 specimen book.

Doric Italic 1892: Purchase of punches cut in Hamburg by H. John.

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ID this Typefaces pls

Can anyone tell me the names of the typefaces (or even something similar) on these pages from the Interview magazine?

Are the following steps what one should do or is there much better ways?

1. Increase the horizontal stroke weight by 20 em and the vertical by 4 – 6 em.

2. Then (as the diagonal strokes will be made too thick) make another intermediate weight by increasing both horizontal and vertical strokes by 4 – 6 em and use it to replace the very thick diagonal strokes from step 1?

In view of the close similarity between the shapes of Koronis and Psili in Extended (Polytonic) Greek, could anyone clarify how each one of them should be drawn? Are there any images available?

Is it possible through Opentype programming to have 3 or more types of character sets in a single Opentype font (even if these character sets not supported by any Unicode page)?

Could anyone tell me if it is possible (theoretically or actually) through Opentype programming to have access in Indesign to 3 or more types of character sets such as:

1. TypefaceNameContemporaryStyle
2. TypefaceNameOldStyle
3. TypefaceNameArchaicStyle

And all the above to be included in a single Opentype font (without resolving to alternates and such) ? Is it possible and if it is, how could it be done?

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Any Sans with Swashes?

Does anyone know of any Sans Serifs with swashes?

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