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Copperplate is to be respected

Greeting Comrades!
I often see blogs about a font face
people dislike with a zeal.
However, I never hear anything about
Copperplate and it's everywhere.
I once was told by a former Professor
that it's a respected font even though it's
overused. Don't get me wrong I like

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Font Nazi's Are Not Cool

A simple thumbnail that drew along time ago (2003).
I felt it would be cool to bring it to life in Illustrator.

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Gotham and serif=?

Greetings comrades

I have recently bought Gotham and i am trying to pair it up with a perfect serif. I am looking to buy a serif to jell with Gotham? I spent allot on Gotham and I still have money left to buy a good serif.

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Experimenting with Letters in CS4

I was experimenting with some quick sketch thumbnail's I had made last week. Its nothing big, however I had fun throughout the whole process. The AIDAN (son's name) letters were originally drawn with a Copic marker, Its was heavily modified. Any feedback would be great, Thanks.

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Greetings Typo Comrades! I need info on the font, thanks.

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Please critique my own business card

Ok here its is, my personal business card.
Fire away!

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Illustrator learning to Letter

Greetings friends!

I have been a illustrator for quite sometime now and a pro graphic artist + photographer for about five years.
However I am clearly new to the art crafting fonts. Don't get me wrong I know the rules of good type habits, but what I want to learn is how to draw them from the ground up.

Things I need help in

What type of pen or pens should use?
What kind of brush is worthy?
What type of calligraphy pen is good for the job?
I can not think of anything else, any other information would be appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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