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My lovely girl died

I tried posting this on my personal blog/site and it crashed in a really nasty way — repairing that is going to take ages. As well as other things.

The thing is: my girlfriend passed away on July 7, on the 52d day in hospital and care — a second brainstem stroke proved to be unsurmountable (is that a word?). I don’t have words for how I feel about this (and somehow I still have to share…).

So now I am designing cards and ads featuring ‘her’ font: National Light (are you reading this, Kris?).

Miep Jukkema
1954–2012 (that’s still running ok)

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Happy New Year!

Although it is still pending in my timezone, our fellow Typophiles in NZ and Australia have already crossed the mark, so here goes: Happy New Year to you all!

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How time flies...

It sure does. Well, this is to inform the multitudes of readers here that I started a personal blog (once again — had one five years ago, but shut that one down), linked to my website at .
Wordpress engine, very nice theme by Vin Khoi: Basic Maths.

BTW It is in Dutch only. Sorry.

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Back to work

Last Thursday I got confirmation that my proposals for a fashion webretailer were accepted and a budget cleared — so it appears that I am back in business: my first client!

After two years of (professional) inactivity it’s a strange feeling to be back in the loop again. But also exciting — I get to do what I enjoy.

This gig is going to be an ongoing project, with 6 or 7 items to be produced every month. All of them in digital form. For the moment I am going to use Process Type’s Locator as the main typeface. I bought that to use in my own (very limited) identity, but it’s very fitting for upscale woman’s fashion, I think. But I am still on the lookout for a sans with an open character and — very important! — a thin and very thin Light style.

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Almost done

Meaning my other place in Amsterdam. The lady and I have spent the last three days doing a lot of little chores, like putting up curtains, cleaning, etcetera. And some major stuff, like (trying to) connect some radiators. That didn’t work out like I would have liked; the guys that were supposed to do this kind of walked out on us — so we are getting professional help. If everything works out, it will be fixed next week: hot water at last!

Finishing this five–month–project means that I will finally have time to pursue my longtime wish of designing a comprehensive type family. But first (and mostly as a way to learn the intricacies of working with FontLab) I plan to finish a revival I started about six years ago. Maybe more about that later…

As in ‘not’ type-related: I am currently building a kitchen unit for my other place in Amsterdam. Construction of the cabinets is finished, painting them as well. Next phase: getting the tops (they are being done by a stonemason) and installing it. Probably after the summer vacation, on account of floor insulation that will be done somewhere in the second half of August.

Working with your hands makes a nice change from sitting in front of a computerscreen. : )

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That’s a surprise… another blog to fill

Yeah, and I just shut down the other one. Maybe later, folks (but don’t hold your breath).

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