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Becker, continued.

Over at FontStruct I've recently completed the remaining two faces in the Becker family as used in the Becker Cascade/Traffic Pro in-car navigation units. They are: the Large typeface used on the media playback screens and the Regular typeface used on unselected menus or out of the way text.

All my FontStructs can be seen here:

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Sub-pixel Accuracy

Loving the sub-pixel work being done by miha


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Block Out: Again

I've just recreated Block Out using FontStruct in a matter of minutes.

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Your route is being calculated

I have Becker sat nav in my car, having recently upgraded from an ageing Traffic Pro 4740 to a more current, and expensive, Traffic Pro 7949. For all intents and purposes it is a green-screen version of their top-end Cascade model.

Anyway... I really like the font they use for the user interface, it comes in a couple of weights and sizes. It's quite small but remains legible easily at a glance. I'd love to know who created it or how much work went into it.

So, recently I took a little time and created a version of the bold weight using FontStruct. It turned out well, so I'll try to create the normal weight when I manage to collect enough samples of it in use.

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Long time listener, first time caller

Around the beginning of 1997—just after the game "Wipeout 2097" was released for the original PlayStation—I got hold of copy of Fontographer for Windows and created my first font. It was heavily based on one of fonts used in the game, but it was created out of nothing, by my own hands. It was a labour of love - I called it: Block Out.

I put it on my first website that I'd created as part of my degree at Liverpool University, along with some software I was distributing under the shareware concept, and watched as the file was downloaded hundreds of times. I removed the letter "P" (a reference to UK TV quiz show "Blockbuster") and offered the full typeface in return for a shareware fee.

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