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Today I decided to set up a blog and stay on it! I tried wordpress and blogger but wasn't happy with the layout etc so why not put down my ideas on a blog related to a subject that I am very much interested in at the moment?

The past few days I have been following and reading almost every article on the personal blogs of two Lebanese designers: Pascal Zoghbi and Nadine Chahine. I really loved Pascals blog better ( sorry Nadine!)They both did their MA in typography and Arabic type design which is the main reason why I tried to investigate the subjects they researched on and the impact it has had on their work.

I am in a rush to leave but will shortly upload what I have come across in a separate blog :-)

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experimental personal logo

Here is a little experiment I carried out and created this in Illustrator. The inspiration came from another logo I found in the ultimate logo bible "tres logos". I am very happy with it but am not sure it could function as the final product and has more space for improvement. What do you think?
Note: this is written in arabic and is read from right to left

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