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Get me away from this thing!

I added entries for Edward Johnston, Stanley Morison, William Morris, Dard Hunter, Victor Hammer, Hermann Zapf, Hartley & Marks (link probably won't work due to a bug in the Typowiki parser), Robert Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style, and John Hudson (who will probably be bemused by what I chose to write about him). All of those are sketchy, to greater or lesser degrees, but you gotta start somewhere. I note without comment that a lot of you are writing about yourselves and your / your company's products. I thought some history might be nice to have as well, especially as a lot of this stuff isn't yet in the Wikipedia (although I suppose I should add some of this to that as well).

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What the hell

I went ahead and added a wiki entry for sans serif as well. Get in there and expand, edit, and clarify it; right now it's rife with my own personal opinions, which some of you are sure to find violently offensive. You get what you pay for!

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Added some Germanic love to the wiki

In an effort to see what the wiki's like, I added entries for Rudolf Koch and schaftstiefelgrotesk types, as well as filling out the entry for blackletter. I have no doubt that others are going to want to rework what I did, as I mostly concentrated on the historical aspects of blackletter I find most interesting, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling.

Funnily enough, there's not yet a category in the wiki for typefaces.

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I have my very own type blog.

What started out as a set of nerdy, cryptic notes to myself is gradually evolving into a full-blown blog of its own. I called it "typography/typology", which was lame and boring and NOT AT ALL NECRO. Since I'm all about the darkness, you can now find it under its new name, Typomancy. I also gave it its own domain (it used to be stashed away as a mostly unpublicized subdirectory of my personal homepage (despite which Stephen and Dan and Luc Devroye, among others, managed to find it).

Why have my own blog when there's already Typographica, Typographer, and this fine blog? There isn't an ironclad reason, but part of it is that I'm still going to use Typomancy as a place to stash my private notes to myself. Another, better reason is that I'm more interested in the lower-level aspects of type design, specifically dealing with font formats and the politics thereof. Also, it's fun to have a place to do my own experimentation with nameplates and site designs and the like.

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