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Bruno Maag asked me about Magpie.

Slides with presenter notes available from Valencia conference 3CIT Tercer Congreso Internacional de Tipografía presented by
Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana ADCV

Dedicated to BillG otherwise known as Bill Gates. Have a happy retirement and best of luck with the charities.

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Ice Hockey

The great game of Ice Hockey is played on a Rink internationally that is 30 meters wide by 60 meters long. In North America the rink size is approximately 200 feet long by 85 feet wide. Older rinks like the old Boston Garden were smaller and not consistent between buildings. This makes the international rink wider by approximately 15 feet.

These narrow NA rinks make for a more congested ice surface. The international surface makes for a more exciting game and for the player it provides more room for an attacking style of play.

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Vista and the Zune on a MacBook Pro. WOW!

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Bloggin' Vloggin' no it's Ploggin'

Blogs, well I don't read too many. I have a friend and client who is a pro blogger. She does blogs for TV and Film companies. I prefer photos, they say more than words. So I tried a bit of bloggin just to keep a central location for many links I like to visit.

If I need to say something I can say it here.

I finally have a place to show the first Comedy based on Comic Sans that was filmed for Channel 4's show This is a Knife back in April.

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Magazine Publisher Liars are Merchant Bankers

Does anyone else have problems with Magazines who request photographs for their articles that you shot or other imagery and promise since they ‘don’t have a budget’ that they will ‘definitely’ give proper credit to the photographer?

Out of the dozen or so magazines in the last 2 years I’ve had photographs published, the ones that don’t pay often tell me that they will give credit, and so far only 20% have done so when the magazine is printed.

Are they all just a bunch of merchant bankers?

magazine 'Helix' from Australia and the UK 'Design Week'.

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Typographic Fast Type Slow Type Revs

Vincent Connare - Ducati Monster S2R

Joe Pemberton - Ducati Multistrada 620

Clive Bruton - Honda Pan European

Jean Francois Porchez - Lambretta old school

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3 Lions on a shirt

Three lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
No more years of hurt
No more need for dreaming

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DaMa rules at the World Cup 2006

Puma by Dalton Maag Ltd. London

and AFC Wimbledon fans there too!!!!!

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Faul leaves the putana

TALKING about the misery of Iraq on Sky News's Adam Boulton show, Heather Mills McCartney was her usual self.

Passionate. Committed. Hard as nails. Fake as a nine-bob note.

How long has Heather had a Liverpool accent? Was it a wedding present?

Does she have a pre-nuptial agreement with Sir Paul that means she gets custody of the accent in the event of a divorce?

Maybe this bolt-on accent is sub-conscious, a way of deepening her bond with hubby.

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beat that Machead

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Motorize me


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Time to play Who's Mac is it?

Who's Mac is it?

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7-7-2005 images images from July 7, 2005

I just missed a good shot.. bugger... the one with the police raiding a flat in Stockwell when I was in a car. And I got off the tube one stop before Stockwell about 10 minutes before Jean Charles De Menenzies was shot..

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Channel 4 'This is a Knife'

'This is a Knife'

available in the UK mainland only. nanananana

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typographic Dedham MA

from my mum's High School diploma. 1936

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Spring brings American visitors to London

Spring brings American visitors to London.

Watch out for the magpies and the Mayor!

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for the love of blackletter

I received an email from a friend who is a TV producer and she wrote an article in Broadcast and this blackletter was the picture... blackletter is font of the month.

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Merry Comic Spam

spam spam spam wonderful spam.

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Happy Birthday Gor Blimey Mary Poppins..

GorBlimey Mary Poppins it's his birthday...

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News job.. hazard pay not included.

Position Head of Transmission and Post Production
Category Broadcaster Vacancies
Location Doha
Company Name Al Jazeera International

Date Posted 1 Dec 2005
Deadline 15 Dec 2005
Job Summary Al Jazeera International, the new 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel, headquartered in Doha, will broadcast globally in the spring of 2006.
Description With broadcasting centers in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC, and supporting bureaus worldwide, the channel will provide both a regional voice and a global perspective to a potential world audience of over one billion English speakers.

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