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A heavy Devanagari font called Modak.

Star Bengali font designed for Star India Pvt Ltd for television screen.

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Calligraphic fonts

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Campaign for Economic Times, India

This is a typographic campaign in English language and execution with various script look.

These are my selected samples of variations in Letterform अ and आ (A - vowel) in Devanagari. I get immense pleasure when I modify the structure of the letterform and creates the form keeping the language aesthetic in place.

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Indic font

WhiteCrow has designed 11 Indian language fonts for Vodafone. WhiteCrow team is planing to launch a new set of ’Indian Language TypeSet’ soon, which will be user friendly by keeping the Indian language authenticity intact. We are looking forward for modern Indian typefaces by maintaining the localness in it. I hope, we will get the genuine feedback on our work. :)

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Personal work

I have worked on Devnagari letter form अ and आ. These are a part of exploring the form assignment.

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Hi, Its me, sarang, a calligrapher and typographer from India.
designing a font for 7 Indian languages. I will share some of my experiments soon. :)

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