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Gravestone type/lettering

Today I visited a cemetery near me mostly just so I could look at the type that was used on the various gravestones. It was amazing.

The full collection of pics is over on my Flickr but here are soem samples I thought were especially interesting.

I noticed a trend for this type of lettering/type that I could not identify, and I think it's quite striking, does anyone know if it has a name?

There was also this one used from 1912 until 1970 on this gravestone - yet the style is quite consistent.

And finally, does anyone know what this monogram/symbol means? I saw it quite a lot.

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Seafood sign

near my house is this seafood shop. i love their neon sign as there appears to be a small error...

i'm not sure if it's intentional, or if the signwriter got lazy or what, either way it always makes me smile :-)


hey all, just a quick invite to a halo party on Friday the 1st of may at about 9pm.

for those of us not on the west coast of united states, here is the times:

you can find me by looking for armorath on xbox live.


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Found Type from 1925

In Melbourne not too far from where i live is this monument to fallen soldiers from World War One.

I love the lettering. It makes be think of a unique version of Futura/Neutraface.

Here are some pics:

Does anyone know the history of this sort of type?

As this sample is from 1925, and Australia, I assumed it was not inspired by Futura or Neutraface.

I find the wide A's in the names kind of weird, but i love the condensed W's.


**EDIT** I've attached some pics here, more on flickr.

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Old stuff = cool

one of the perks of working where i do is that behind me sits a lady who is responsible for maintaining a music library for the salvos.

when she gets multiple copies of songs and other materials, she often needs to throw them out because of space... well... when i found this out i asked her if it would be possible to pass them along to me. so i'm often getting beautiful old music books and others odd pieces of paper.

here is a couple of things i recently acquired, and i think they are beautiful.

first the front of a page titled 'Famous Cornet Solos'

does anybody know what the sans used could be?

second is from the back of that page - it looks like a beautiful piece of penmanship, but i'm unsure.

thanks for listening

byebye - sye :)

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Great customer service

well, after three and a bit years of lurking around here I'm finally starting a blog (thanks tiff for the prompting!)

Over the last few months I have bought type from a few foundries, and I just wanted to quickly share my good experiences with them.

Firstly, Village & Christian Schwartz. I personally bought the original Stag family and was so happy with it convinced my work (The Salvation Army) to buy it. As I wanted to try using it for some short copy, little magazine articles etc, I needed a weight that was missing from the Stag family at that time, something in between Thin and Medium. Chester and Christian were very helpful, and after a few emails sent me some demo versions of Stag Light to test. This was fantastic as it was exactly what i needed.

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