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To sum up my thoughts, and the concept and plan beyond: After one decade in design, I intend becoming / being a 'Design Nomad', for half a year. One month, one country, one agency/studio/bureau — For six months. From spring to fall 2010. Travel X Design. New places, new people, new projects. (I will tweet and write/post about my time 'out in the wild'. And eventually these texts may be published later on in a book.

Design Nomad — 6 Months, 6 Countries, 6 Agencies/Studios/Bureaus

designnomad.org / dav.im

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Dell Adamo, iWant.


I think I fell in love with a notebook, and — it's not a Mac. This would probably be the very, very first PC I would choose over a Mac. It almost seems like someone left the Apple Design Team to work on the Adamo design. ;) Niiice.

So, If anyone at Dell reads this — Come on, sponsor me with one of those, you know you want it. ;)

(* I am not getting paid for this. Of course I am not. Actually, I wish I would. Even better yet, I would accept an Adamo as payment. ;) So consider this, Dell.)

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Martin Majoor > Vienna, Austria

* Maybe just a short note for any Austrian Typophiles:

Martin Majoor
'Two Worlds'

Wednesday, March, 25th, 2009 / 7 pm
Designforum / MQ (MuseumsQuartier)
Vienna, Austria


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Like what you see? Hire me!

If you are reading this you may as well be aware of me as a designer. (Maybe also by one of my former aliases — Forma/formlos/...) And as such I am currently looking for a new job/(paid)internship/placement. Wherever this may be — I am considering relocating. I previously focused quite heavily on brand development, corporate design and typography. Hmm, what else. I've been working in design for 10 years now, in Europe (Austria, the UK, Italy). My past work has been featured in various design related publications. (And — You may have seen my 'Typophile T' up there. ;)

If you have any questions concerning me or my past and future work, let me know — mail(at)davidhubner.com. Thank you, Dav.

Curriculum Vitæ (PDF)
Forma (Design), formlos (Design/Type)
Folio (Forma), Folio (Forma/formlos)

Like what you see?
Hire me!

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Type releases, worth noting (8.8).

Selected newly released typefaces/type families and fonts, for the
month of August, 2008.

Sans: Apparata, by Xavier Lanau (Serialize).
Serif: Amitale, by David Bergsland.
Display: Bankas, by Ryoichi Tsunekawa (Prop-A-Ganda).
Script: Nanette, by James Fajardo.

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Ventisei is a new typeface designed by Dav(id) Hubner. (And did I mention — a free one? ;)


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Type releases, worth noting (July, ‘08).

Selected newly released typefaces/type families and fonts, for the
month of July, 2008.

Sans: Enzo, by Tobias Kvant (FontFont).
Serif: Pitu, by Łukasz Dziedzic (FontFont).
Display: Lasagna, by Yomar Augusto (ReType).
Script: Pigtail, by Ko Sliggers (Dutchfonts).
Dingbat: Ornaments Accolades B, by Andreas Seidel.
Hebrew: Perlmutter, by Vic Fieger.
Free: Sniglet, by Haley Fiege.


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Forma proudly presents 'Schizzo'.


I am happy, and proud, to finally present to the dear readers of this very blog the release and prototype of the first product within the ‘Schizzo’ range. Brandnew. A note/sketch/scribble/blackbook. 210 x 230 mm. 40 pages. Munken Pure, 90 g core / 240 g cover. Available now in a limited edition test print run of 100 pcs. Get your own copy now for only 2,50 Euro (+ Shipping). (Or purchase in bulk, 5 for only 10 Euro. + Shipping. To order, or if you have any further questions, please mail to ’schizzo@for.ma’.)

> for.ma/blog/?p=218

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Designers favourites.

'Fifty designers’ current favourite typefaces.', curated by James West.

(Including the 'likes' of some of the most renowned and best contemporary and 'all-star' designers. And — '100% of the cover price goes to UNICEF’s Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Children’s Appeal in the wake of Cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar on 2nd May 2008.' Good one. Respect. Bought.)

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Type releases, worth noting (4.8).

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Type releases, worth noting (3.8).

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Cadena, by Miguel Hernandez

'Cadena' is a lovely new type family, currently in progress, by Miguel Hernández (Latinotype). A specially offered prelease of 'Cadena (Black)' is available through Miguel's Flickr page, for only $5, to support the further development of the entire 'Cadena' range. A highly recommended purchase. ;)


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Type releases, worth noting (2.8).

Selected newly released typefaces, February ‘08: 'Bree', by Veronika Burian + José Scaglione (Type Together). 'Broadband', by/from Büro Destruct (TypeDifferent). 'Divulge', by Ray Larabie (Typodermic). 'Halvorsen', by Wayne Thompson (Australian Type Foundry), 'Massif', by Jeremy Dooley (insigne), 'Unit (Rounded)', by Erik Spiekermann (FontFont). 'Ronaldson', by Alexander Kay + Rebecca Alaccari + Patrick Griffin (Canada Type).

Selected new free fonts: 'Millesime', by Gregory W. Jacobson (Chank / Dead Image Design). 'Unit (Rounded)' (Bold/Demo), by Erik Spiekermann (FontFont). 'Zalamander (Caps)', by Tim Ahrens (Just Another Foundry).

> Type releases, worth noting (1.8).


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6 yrs on Typophile.

I just noticed that I am a Typophile member for 6 years, now. Woohoo.
Oh, how time flies, if you are having fun. ;) So this is my tribute to Typophile after some 6 years on here. (More ore less frequently.) I still love this place and the kindness of a lot of people on here is breathtaking. So with respect and thankfulness I celebrate my 6th anniversary. ;)


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London, UK (THIS Weekend)

My dear fellow Typophiles, as I will be in London this weekend (Fri/sat/sun/monday) I am still looking for last minute suggestions on hidden, secret spots and things to do and see, 'over there'. What Ive already planned is not that much. I may be taking a look at the (Barnbrook) 'Friendly Fire' exhibition at The London Design Museum. I will of course be visiting the places Ive lived and worked the last times Ive been there. Lil' Old Truman Brewery, here I come. ;)

As always, I am very, very thankful for all suggestions and hints.


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typedesign.eu + typedesign.info


Domain Names For Sale

If any fellow Typophile would be interested in the domain names 'typedesign.eu' and/or 'typedesign.info', please, let me know. (I currently dont have the time and the nerves to maintain those domains, and keep the directory beyond alive. Still I would be happy if I knew that some type and design related individual would be continuing to use the domain, no matter what for.)

So, If anyone of you is interested in purchasing/owning these domains, please say so. :)

Thank you,

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The TypeDesign.eu Directory

The Type Design Directory

A steadily growing directory and 'linkfarm' of (European) typography and type design related sites. Foundries, Designers, Distributors and much, much more.

> www.typedesign.info

( 'Shameless Self Promotion', but maybe worth a visit. 'The TypeDesign.eu Directory' is a project I recently started, collecting links to European type related sites. I am pretty sure that there still are quite a few sites missing, so if you notice / find a site that should be in there, please let me know. Site submissions are more than welcome. :)

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Finest Fancy Fat Font

I love so many things. One of them being fat script typefaces. And one of these, some of you may have seen before, but some / most, like me, may not, is 'Whomp', by Alejandro Paul / SudTipos, based on the lettering of Alf Becker. Released by Veer, this sure has instantly become my brandnew favourite 'fat script'. Lovely Lettering. Whomp, There it is.


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Breathtaking Beautiful Type Treatments

Well, the name of this design studio may be, well, odd, so to say, but their artworks and especially their loooooovely type treatments are more than amazing

This is one fine bitch :)
Kerry Roper and Si Scott are bitch
> www.wearebitch.com

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'AvantGandhi' tShirt Design by Emil Kozak, Barcelona, España..

( Be sure to take a closer look at www.emilkozak.com, for more fine design and art works by this talented fellow.. Niiice.. Respect.. )

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Tomáš Brousil says.: 'After one and half year of an intensive work we ( Suitcase ) have just released the new superfamily font Dederon. A serif version of the Dederon is a humanist book antique with open shapes. A sans serif version comes out the same construction principles, hence it is sortable for a demanding combined typography. Fonts are available in a postscript but at last also in an opentype format. Each Dederon OpenType Std weight includes standard latin accented glyphs for over fourteen languages, wide range of basic and accented ligatures, genuine small capitals, non-aligning, capital, small capital, table, fractional and index numeral characters, expert glyphs and alternative variations, together more than 800 glyphs in one type face for comfortable work on the most demanding projects..'

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formlos PlayR

This may well be SSPam ( Shameless Self Promotion Spam :), but.:

Endless Summer Sale.: Buy 'formlos PlayR', a playful, experimental, trendy, smooth, futuristic techno display typeface, now, for only 5 Euros / 6 USDs ( ! ).. :)

> www.formlos.net/formlosTF/PlayR

* Payable via PayPal.. Thank you..

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I love Lettering

A small, but growing, collection of found 'Vintage Lettering' samples.:
> www.flickr.com/photos/formlos/sets/418907/

( 'Lettering', at Flickr.: www.flickr.com/photos/tags/lettering/ )

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I love Czech Type

I love Czech Type.. I do.. I do..
( I think I fell in love with the typographic quality of my northern, neighbouring country, as well.. :)

~ Storm Type Foundry ( František Štorm, www.stormtype.com )
~ Suitcase Type Foundry ( Tomáš Brousil, www.suitcasetype.com )
~ TypoCZ ( Filip Blazek, www.typo.cz )
~ TYPO ( www.magtypo.cz )

> typophile.com/files/czech.gif

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