HI guys,
I've started this ladproject, it's a "letterform a day" project. I was hoping to see if anyone else would like to join me in this experiment/project. The basics of it are, to "find" or make a letterform a day for 50 days. It can be found anywhere or in anything. You can make one or draw one. Paint one or just find one that's already made. An exercise to open up the possibilities of what can be considered typography, or where we can find typography. Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister and Michael Beirut, I've dedicated myself to find or make a letterform a day. You can follow the progress here... Post your letterforms there and also comment. Thanks guys, here's aB that jumped out at me today.

New typeface released, it was inspired by movie tittles from old B&W Hollywood movies. The typeface was hand drawn using a high number of colors to produce a realistic 3D effect.Perfect for display use, large format graphics, magazines, posters and 3D design.

Limited license for personal and commercial works. View / Purchase it here:

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Beginner lettering

Hey guys.

Here's a sample of some lettering I've been working on. I would love some feedback!
I'm a beginner when it comes to designing letterforms, this is one of my first renders in illustrator.
If you have any tips or comments or woes, please share.


To Whom I may concern,

I am currently a senior at the American University Dubai, majoring in graphic design. However I have a strong liking towards type design and I was wondering if anyone could recommend good type design firms to intern at.

I was and still am working on a typeface that I created for my senior project.

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TypingLot is an urban type collection. I started shooting these with an iPhone, cropped and collected on an instagram account on daily basis. I live in New York and teach in New Jersey. Most of them are from NY/NJ area. However, the collection also includes from other cities that I visited over the last year like Helsinki, Istanbul, New Orleans, Maine, Izmir, Tallinn and Ankara.

Atif Akin

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Just an a

From my new project... I love small case a's!

If you are interested in the design of handwriting and signatures, satire, fiction and politics, you may enjoy this recent post at Alphabet Roadtrip.

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Waitrose font ID needed

Really need to know name of this font, please HELP

SWISSTED - flyers into international typographic style posters.
Using Berthold Akzidenz-grotesk Medium (not Helvetica).

As I am a big fan of typography and board games, I decided to combine these two passions into one. Gametica is a simple board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to die rolls. Like other cross and circle games, it is similar to the Indian Pachisi. In my version on board I added icons on the board symbolize additional tasks.The 140 cards has been added to the game with questions about Helvetica, typography and design. The whole project is based on the world's most popular font Helvetica.

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"Shket" looking for testers

Hello there,

I have finished the basic design of Shket and I'm looking for testers and critique. I'm specially interested in checking glyphs and diacritics for not so common (for me at least) languages as Swedish, Norwegian and so on. The font currently has 406 glyphs including cyrillic alphabet.


Download link:

I came up with a new concoction which is a cross between Arabic Letterism and Generative Art.

Arabic Letterism has been around in the Arab countries for more than three decades now. The works of one its most notable artist, Nja Mahdaoui, have inspired me very much when I saw them, and one of my first abstract art works in 1984 was a Letterism piece in which I tried to copy Mahdaoui's style.

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Coletivo X

HELPPPP!!!!! ?

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wilts & dorset bus logo

Does anybody know these two fonts?

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Can anyone identify this font Please!

I am trying to find out the name of this font if anyone can help me please.

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A heavy Devanagari font called Modak.

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Mr Dafoe Pro as an inlay

Done as a Christmas present, and done in time - they picked it up today. Adjusted the baseline of the swash capital slightly in this setting.

Looks cool to me!

Me & Martina Flor created this new project called
Is a battle between a letterer and a calligraphy.

Here there is a littlel press kit:

Hope you like it.
Have a nice day


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Hi from Ecuador!

Hi my frineds, Im Alonso, from Quito Ecuador, Im a begineer in the w of type design, so I will need your help, to start,
somebody can recomend me tutorials for learn fontlab studio 5.1.2 I need to drive this tool is so basic, and I need the material for that, so please if somebody knows about special program, or something like than, THANK YOU so much!!



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lost on these 2 fonts....

does anyone know what these 2 fonts are?

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A complementary partner for Excelsior

Hi all you type experts,

I am new to this forum and first time posting.

I am working on a manual and some advertisements. I would like to use Excelsior for both body text and headline. I need to find Excelsior a good partner to dance with (hopefully one that can do headlines and body text as well) and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Right now I have Franklin Gothic as its partner. I think the colors complement each other. But Franklin Gothic is narrower in width making it seem a bit condensed when set next to Excelsior.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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Engraving is hard - but worth it!

PF Champion Script and Charlemagne Std. We're still getting the hang of the hand engraving process, but it's soooo much nicer looking than what you see at the trophy shop or shopping mall.

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Some maintenance in Type ID

We were getting a lot of Type ID requests in the the “Solved ID” and “FAQ” forums, so we killed 'em off and moved everything into the main Type ID board where they belong. We'll continue to focus on better ways to flag and sift through solved IDs in the future.

A side benefit: This also removes all those extra Type ID rows that were appearing on the home page, so the Critique and SIG forums move up, appropriately.


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