This great little video, The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Fonts, from type designer and lettering artist Jill Bell, has ten tips to help you get to know, love and use fonts better.

The video was revised and abridged from a presentation Bell gave at regional AAF Conference. Bell has designed fonts for ITC, Monotype and Adobe as well as numerous proprietary fonts for companies. She has judged Linotype and the Type Director's Club's font design contests, and spoken worldwide including at many type conferences.

Very much a work in progress, but as a designer who regularly has to purchase/license type and other resources, I just fired up a blog over at to dig-up/share daily deals, discounts & fresh releases of curated/quality type & design resources. Check it out or follow @getdlio if interested, and of course... hit me with your thoughts/ideas!

Cheers everyone.

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typography paper

I am in the second year graphic design and I have to write a paper for History pf Typography course. I was thinking of writing about about the history of newspaper typefaces and to narrow it down I was thinking on writing about New York Times type history. Any suggestions?

If your work deals with typography in any way, you are very likely familiar with the term ligature. But the definition of this term is often unclear. There seems to be one problem in particular: We usually use the term when we want to talk about a certain kind of ligature, to which cases like fi and fl belong. Their use suggests, that there are “real” letters of the alphabet like a, b, c and then there are ligatures like fi and fl. People then assume, that when something is a ligature, it cannot be a “real” letter of the alphabet. But this is not true …

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These archaic signs are from Syunik province and Geghama Mountain range in Armenia. Some of them are over 5000 years old.

Typostrate is about type and what you can do with it. Typography is more than only words and letters arranged in a nice way. Its a way of living and combining every facet of art and design. Wanna read more? Check out the blog typostrate!

You like Futura, I like Formata. You like Univers, I like Avenir. You like what I don't like and I like what you don't like. So, let's call the whole thing off! We call it not letting the little things that bug us take us down.

Badly drawn lettering will never go away. We, who absolutely despise it, should learn to accept it as part of the typographic landscape. Then, we should ignore it! Some of it looks pretty good. But, that's not what draws some people to what's being sold. It's like Jackson Pollock's so-called paintings. People dove head first into that, just because it was unique. Strike bad lettering! How about unique? At least some of those informal forms are unique. To each, their own.

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Veteran's day Yesterday and again, today

The Corporate Sans Serif Typeface with 6 weights is skilled for complex typography: PRO style.

Each font has an extended character set to provide most Central and Western European together with Eastern European languages. The typefaces include ligatures, alternate- & swash letters, smallcaps, fractions, lining-, tabular numbers, superior/inferior figures and ornaments. Carefully drawn.

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Novo Typo recently designed the corporate identity of the largest women-organisation in The Netherlands; Vrouwen van Nu. An important part of the design is the custom-made typeface 'Caren', a font which we created especially for 'Vrouwen van Nu'.

Caren is a remarkable and playful font, which gives the organization a fresh and modern look and feel. The typeface is a happy mixture between uni-, upper-, and lowercase principals. It is an invitation for all designers and non-designers to play around with text and design.

More info:

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Weathering the Storm of Lies.

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Noob troubles and Solutions

Being Noob always sucks especially when you are in the company of best. Recently I've decided not to ask noob questions on the forum. Also i had recently gotten into trouble with my FL studio. When ever i open a glyph cell i had to open the tools toolbar again and again. I didn't know what the problem was. I wanted to post it in typophile forums but I had restrained myself from doing so. I never knew i would find the actual solution but today i miraculously found the solution. I had the autohide feature turned on( i just wondered what it was when i turned it on and completely forgot it). Now it is working flawlessly and i am happy that i found out the solution. It might not be a lot but it gave me confidence.
P.S. Be careful while you are messing with your software

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logo design

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Grandmas handwriting

This is a page of my grandmas notebook while she was attending cooking lessons back in 1930's. LOVE IT!

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My neighbors' font

My neighbor wrote an add and paste it above the building entrance. Man I love his handwriting. I mean check out what an effort he puts into writing a single sentence. He is an older man and is offering to repair washing machines and stoves. I love the numbers! :) I decided to collect these kinda pics whenever I see something like this.

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Glyphr Beta 2 released

Well, after more than a year of casual coding, I've released Glyphr Studio Beta 2 out into the wild!

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Ligatures with font lab

Hey everyone

Is it possible to create a ligature between two words in fontlab (two words become one sign)?
And how would be the code?

Thanks for a helping hand!

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Useful RoboFont Tables

If you're a Robofont user, you might find these Opentype FontInfo tables helpful. Thanks to @letterror for bringing it to our attention.

Twitter: @roboFontEditor

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