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First look of Spastha Sans

Hey guys,

Here is the first look of the typeface i am creating. Only caps done. No character spacing done and you can forget about kerning. Just wanted some feedback.
The thickness of strokes of V, W, X, Y is to be increased.
S can do better with some more tweaking.
And the inner curves of characters like B, C, O, Q are not perfectly circular(for the lack of better term) and look jagged.( I have no idea how to change it).

Please inform me if you have any other issues...

Update: The problem of jagged text is more pronounced when using at pt size of 36. The other point sizes also give text which is not very smooth. Why?


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Valentino's clothing labels??

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Apple Font Identty

The Clarendon-like face here is impossible to find. Can anyone help?

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Can anyone tell me what this font is?

I have this font converted to curves and I can't figure out what the font is. Can anyone tell me what it is?

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an arkitectural type collection by René Knip and Janno Hahn

Star Bengali font designed for Star India Pvt Ltd for television screen.

Some, knows war the name of this font? i don’t find anywere its very strange. please help me.

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Please identify this font.

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Got milk?



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What a musical instrument the Lyre can be

It really tells a tale.

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Samyoga table

This is the Samyoga table included in the file sktdoc.pdf generated from sktdoc.skt using skt (generated from skt.c) and pdflatex on MacTeX 2012 (pages 22-35).

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control the f'n spam.



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After 5, on sale for 40% off

All other OHG fonts are 25% off until the end of September

The New York Times covers Nancy Sharon Collins’ The Complete Engraver, her book about all things engraved (though its written as if both MOMA and Clinique are active clients—which they are not—correction forthcoming ... ).

Help support the book tour (2 days remaining), it underwrites a four city, east coast book tour, commencing in September when The Complete Engraver hits book shelves.

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I own Thoughts?

Hi all,

I own, and have long thought about dedicating it for a community site? Do you think there would be sufficient interest? And, how would I go about doing this?


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I own Thoughts?

Hi all,

I own, and have thought about using it as a community site, or, a gift to the community.

Basically, how would I go about this?

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Book or course

Hello anyone,

I am new to font and I am studying Graphic Design by DE.
I enjoy the course, however a fundamental understanding on how fonts/types are created is not covered in the degree program.

Could someone please direct me to a book that is thorough about font creation? From paper to computer.

Or if there are short courses in between semesters would be great. I'm based in Sydney, Australia so it would have to be local.

Appreciate any assistance.

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