BV Sans - A Display Sans

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I really liked this for a while but maybe I've been working on it for too long 'cause it's starting to bore me. The goal was to create something fresh and modern but I'm afraid I may be getting too quirky. It's a display face but I think it looks ok at smaller sizes. The spacing is a mess and it has no kerning at the moment. What do you think? Really give it to me honestly. I can take it, hehe. :)

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it’s starting to bore me

i think that's one of my tests to know whether something is really worth doing. if i think it's really good and worth doing, i'll keep coming back to it till it's finished.
I think you have some attractive forms in there - most of your lower case. The mix of angled and round joins isn't working for me. I think your best uppercase character is the K. If you can just capture what is going on there and extend it across the rest of your caps, i think this could be interesting. I've got some ideas of what this might be if you want to see them. i'm not a fan of the a or the s in the lowercase but most other things seem to be working for the most part. sorry to be so vague, but it feels like you're still trying to find a strong concept here. let me know if i'm off the mark.

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The angled/rounded joins was the quirky part that I also wasn't sure about. It was all part of my desperate attempt to make it seem unique, hee. I'd love to see any ideas you want to share.

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I for one would like to see it when it's done. I think it's got great potential. Love the "V" and the "L", not crazy about the "M" though. Guess I like all bends or all sharp corners, letters that have both don't work as well.

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To me, the 'S' and 's' look a little topheavy. I like where this is going though.

- Lex

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"not crazy about the M" - Termopolium

That's actually the letter that is my favorite, hee. The whole idea behind the font was the M that I sketched and the straight contrasting with the rounded joins so now I'm confused, eek.

The letters that I think could use some work are the N, Z and Z. They seem forced and a bit off. If I could find a good solution for those letters then I would be satisfied. I agree that the a and both the upper and lower case s need work.

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I think I see a common problem in the M, N, and Z. in the rounded joins, the outside of of the joint is curved, but the inside is angled like "(<". If it could be curved on both sides of the stroke, like on your V, "(c", except tighter, that could work, or at least be worth trying...

Maybe that wouldn't work so well on the M. Eh... Try it and tell me if it works.

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I just realized that this font looks way too much like Ray Larabie's Cinecav! I'm just going to dump it.

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I dont see what you mean!? Cinecav and yours are totally different from each other!? I would go on with it and try what cuttlefish say.

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