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Cleveland Indians font

i would like to know the name of this font of Cleveland Indians ….i know im in the right place ….thanks to all for your supporthere the picture


I really don’t know if this is an existing typeface: it
looks very much like some custom lettering to me.

What is it with everyone wanting to ID sports logos
these days? Did I miss something? Most of that stuff
is custom or highly customized anyways. It makes us
look bad, as if we can’t ID anything. ;P

was wondering the exact same thing! Perhaps everyone is planning to open up Sports T-shirt shop er sumthin!

My excuse is that I work for a athletic wear company. Our clients always want to look like the pros. This helps us do just that.

You’re right. A lot of it is custom artwork, or fonts that are then customized. But don’t worry we know exactly how good you really are. Besides, what fun would ‘name-that-typeface’ be if it was always easy.:-)