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(x) GUCCI logo - custom designed {Marc O}

Anyone know what font is used in the Gucci logo?


Still no reply?

Karen, it helps to post an image or a link to the face you’re trying to identify. Not that gucci.com is that hard to find. ;-)

A similar face, but not an exact match:
TF Arrow, from Treacyfaces

I don’t believe it’s a typeface, but rather a bit of lettering.

Thanks Marc / Jonathan,

Would you guys be able to suggest more stuff that’s close?

I like the way the “G” and “C” are so round.

Or it could just be that I like gucci stuff :-P

This site will give you the eps of the logo which might help you if you’re comparing it to fonts you’ve got?

Hi, folks — 

Re: Type Identification Board; Recent questions about Treacyfaces’ TF Arrow and potential inspirations for the Gucci brand logo.

I agree that the TF Arrow A series appearance is a rather close match. But I have no idea whether the Gucci logo was drawn from scratch — although I’ll conjecture that it was — or derived from type.

The rounds in TF Arrow’s weights are very generously circular, retouched appropriately.

P.S.: True-cut italics for our TF Arrow now exist, and are of my design.

If anyone has further questions about our TF Arrow, any of our other Treacyfaces/Headliners fonts or custom typefaces or logos, you’re welcome to e-mail me at the e-mail link on treacyfaces.com

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Thanks for specifying Treacyfaces types!


Joseph Treacy
President & Director of Typography
Treacyfaces, Inc.
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Hey guys,

Thanks! Your comments have been really helpful!