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(x) Tiffany & Co. logo - Tiffany Goudy (custom) {Marten Fischer}

I know its a Diodone or Transitonal face, initially I thought it was New Caledonia but the ampersand was different and the serif tapered much sharper.




Looks like a Bodoni, but it's too small to be sure.

I think the name of this font is Tiffany Goudy (custom made for Tiffany & Co)...

EDIT: Added a larger version of the logotype.

And the eps is here.

Its not Bodoni—it's probably a custom face so Tiffany Goudy sounds right. Can anyone else confirm?

Hoefler and Frere Jones retooled the logo a few years back under the art direction of Paula Scher at Pentagram.

They also created a font family called Sterling. I don't believe it will be released commercially however.

This screengrab is from the AIGA design archives site:

Yeah, I don't think Sterling will ever be released publicly. Tiffany also commisioned Pantone to come up with a special Pantone Tiffany Blue (PMS 1837 as in the year the company was founded) for their boxes, bags and other collateral (Print March/April 2004).

It just bugs me that Tiffany keeps mixing Sterling with Helvetica in their ads. It's like commisioning a custom Ferrari and then buying floor mats at Costco.