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"Take Flight" spiky serif face / "Blood Scribe" splattered compact sans


"Take Flight" is based on the Blade movie series logo, so I guess it's one of those amateur pirated freeware fonts that were produced after the original film was released. Look for it on DaFont in the Famous section. It's name will probably loosely reference Blade or something with vampires.

"Blood Scribe" is a custom degenerated Helvetica Inserat/Helvetica Compressed.

»Take flight« is Dave nalles Abaddon.

Quote: »Abaddon has been one of our most popular fonts since it was first released in the mid-90s. It’s based on lettering by Alphons Mucha with some modernization.« I think, Abaddon came first and then the Blade-movie …

Oh! I didn't know that. Thanks for the correction, and good catch, Rainer. :^)

Oh my, no problem. Glad to help …