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Please help identifying these two, source unknown.

These days a friend passed to me these two pictures, asking me to help identifying the type. I see lots of references, but still cannot nail the exact match. The serif one looks to me like Storm Anselm Serif, but I have some doubts. And I have no idea at all about the sans...

Any help will be very much appreciated.


What is the source?

> What is the source?

Unknown. See topic title.


Whoops. I guess I've trained myself to ignore topic titles in the ID board.

very Fedra looking

Akira is right, just checked the Parachute site, indeed they are. Great thanks for the help!

Still, judging by the bad karma of Panos in the <strong>Parachute thread</strong>, cannot help wondering what design has been the 'inspiration' this time. Even though the case is solved, my curiousity stays.

At least for the serif there are many similarities to Anselm, but haven't got a chance to compare the outlines. Borrowing there is (as was in Muse, discussed here), but... not exactly sure about the source.

Please email Parachute directly with your questions. Let's not start that up again.