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Sans with Dax-like m and n, distinctive a and g {CreativeNRG - NewJune}

I was sent this sample for identification, and I think it looks very familiar, but I am not finding it. It's on the border between text and techno, and I am stumped. Anyone recognize it?

- Mike


Looks like NewJune from Hubert Jocham.

“Years ago I had a dispute about June in Typophile with Hrant (the guy who spends his life in Typophile) where he insited that the x-height of June is fare to big.”


We love Hrant!

Thanks Jeff. That's it, alright. I even tried searching for Hubert Jocham at MyFonts before I posted that, but it wasn't shown. Should have checked his site too.

- Mike Yanega

Glad to help Mike.

Whenever I see a distinctive "g" I immediately think of Jocham for some reason. Guess I got lucky going right to his site.

Can you explain the addition of {NAME} to the title? It's something new I started seeing today.

Sometimes the admins mark solved IDs like that.

The person who originates the post can also edit the title to 'call off the hunt' by showing it's been solved. The admins used to do it regularly, but they seem to rarely do it these days. In fact, I added the font name to the title, after someone else had added the 'solver', so anyone who had read the thread would also see the answer.

- Mike Yanega