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The hottest Typophile content of 2009

Reviewing Typophile's Google Analytics reveals some interesting highlights from 2009. Presented in order of popularity, based on page views…

1// The high quality, free font, Quicksand from Andrew (aka alienbreed). The page had 127,035 views in '09 and is still going strong.

2// This handmade subpixel font thread blew up on Typophile: (87,901 views)

3// The hottest controversy of 2009? Ikea rebrands with Verdana. (Still no comment from Matthew Carter -- the man behind Verdana, not the man behind Ikea's design decision.) As a personal note, I'm still smiling at someone's suggestion that they'll miss the "warmth and cheer" of Futura when they visit Ikea.

The second hottest controversy? Apple's Menlo font (Menlo) takes some heat for being a near duplicate of Bitstream's Vera. (To my knowledge it's not an intellectual property kind of heat, but a street cred kind of heat.)

4// The sub-pixel YouTube favicon magic. This post got picked up by YouTube's web crew who had it implemented on the site. Nice work.

5// And the hottest user submitted how-to of '09: Setting up a Baseline Grid in InDesign.

And other numbers?

12,350 new users registered to the site. Welcome everybody. Reading the site does not require registration and, so presumably all of these people have something to say.

Users made 8,650 type ID requests to the Type ID forum in 2009. The overwhelming majority of which were solved (identified) by actual humans, for free. A testament to goodness in the world.


Great post, Joe. Love this stuff.

Great list, Joe. Not necessarily related to popular content, but I would like to add that Hrant came back to us in 2009! :)

It would be cool to have a record and gallery of all the Featured Faces too. I have a few screenshots I could donate.

Whoa, next up Riccardo will lead us in a game of Know Your Drupal.

Word! I still would like to see homepage screenshots tho.

Cool, glad to have been part of #5 and also hopefully the last sentiment too!