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Typophile Upgrade

We did some upgrading over the weekend. We are still ironing out some of the wrinkles, so thanks for your patience. This upgrade will make it possible to add new features and help speed things up a little as well.


Great! The home page is much faster, isn't it?

Editing a post no longer moves it to the end - yay! Making a post to a multi-page thread no longer bounces you back to the first page - yayay!


I think you did a great job in updating the website so that you will be able to serve the people more. Have you heard the latest buzz over the James Cameron film Avatar, but the latest rumor and talk about the science fiction epic is that it is racist. Obviously, there are contingents of people out there with too much free time and not enough intelligence, but the story goes that James Cameron and Avatar are racist because the hero is white and male and saves a non-Caucasian alien race, which is less militaristic, industrial with a more egalitarian culture. By that logic, so is Dances with Wolves, and Lawrence of Arabia, yet those films aren't pilloried as such. Honestly, serious people would give payday loans at least to make such ill-conceived arguments go away.

@MakenaA - please stay on topic.

Over the many years that I've been here this latest Typophile incarnation rocks! And if this forum keeps improving - exponentially - I'm going to buy one of them thar support Typophile things!

Having said that, the April Fool's version a while back is going to be hard to beat.

5star - your profile says you've only been a member for just over a week... is that correct?

There still seems some bugs in the upgrade:

When I track myself, it does not shows the Author's name - it just says "guest". Also, there is a thread (highlighted) which I did not initiated, participated in, or made any comment - how come it's showing in my track list then?

That same topic appears on my tracking list as well, even though I never posted to it.

If I may add another bug to the list: Editing the time zone in my account settings doesn't do anything. Never has ... post times are displayed -9 hours from my time zone (UTC +1) in all posts.

5star - your profile says you've only been a member for just over a week... is that correct?

Hi Si, yeppers, I'm back after getting pushed down some roads of intense creativity. Man 'o' man, what a trip! Couldn't socialize, couldn't move away from the creative process, I could barely eat - sleep when exhausted. At the end of it all I managed to open doors into many different worlds.
Including getting a shot to have my type based sculpture (which I created and built over the last two years!) shown in our National Gallery up here in Canada! Presentation coming up in early May.

Intense crazy run. I'm still a little wobbly. But feel well and chatty. I was formally known as Hiroshige / Hiro. Great to see some familiar faces still kickin' 'round these hallowed halls.

You are still our Hiro :-)

@hiro/5star - welcome back :-)

@dex - hahahaha!

Oops when I track myself only one page of listings of threads appear, all by some "Guest". Two years of threads I participated in are gone, and I have not posted anything in half of the ones that do appear ! Good luck unscrambling it all, and thanks for the effort. While you are at it why not get rid of that gray background and make the font a bit larger for us old fogies to read more comfortably?

Er- how do you delete a post uploaded by mistake- like this one? I con only edit it!

You can't to my knowledge. It's on the list.

An Admin can remove a double-post. But once someone responds specifically to such a post, then it usually just gets left as part of the conversation.

In the future, if you just edit an accidental post to something like “[Admin: please remove double-post]” then one can come along later and delete it without interrupting the conversation.

What is the "Status" field" all about? Is that like the old IM feature?

Wasn't it possible in this upgrade to now allow images that have spaces in the file name to be visible in the thread and not as an external link?

is it me, or does the search feature just not work anymore either?