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(x) Please identify this type. / Serif in 'Bantam Doubleday' - Goudy Old Style {Mark S}

The book was published in 1990, by Delacorte Press (Bantam Doubleday.)



Please note the down-turned terminal(?) of the italic v and w

Thank you. :)


I am pretty sure that it's Carnegie-Plain Regular, I noticed the double story "a" turns into a single story when italic, really interesting.

Definitely Goudy Old Style. (Alyissa, I've never heard of this Carnegie font, but if you look at almost all serif typefaces, you will see that characteristic.)

Yeah this carnigie must be some copy-cat font in my library almost exactly like goudy old style but not as refined, hmm.

Carnegie by Swfte International (a free font.)

Seems to be a copy of Goudy Old Style. Carnegie does not come with any expert sets.

So it's Goudy after all.

Thank you for your help, Alyissa and Mark. :)