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(x) Kiai - Motter Ombra {BJ}

Can someone please identify this font for me?


Thanks in advance.


Basit — welcome to typophile. Folkert posts here occasionally
so maybe he’ll see this thread. Or you could email him.

For some reason, Motter Ombra comes to mind, but
I’ve never seen a digitization …

Hey Bj,

I already emailed Folkert and he doesn’t know what typeface it is. He was the one who pointed me to Typophile.

I posted this on myfonts.com and someone told me that this is Motter Ombra as well. I searched on Google but nothing came up.

Basit — what is the end goal … to just find out, or to
actually use the face for something.

the reason I ask is because I could point you toward someone who
was supposedly working on a revival
of ombra …if this indeed is ombra.



I would like to use this typeface actually. It would be great if you could point me to the person who was working on the revival of the face.

I’ve searched many typo sites but they dont have this particular font for sale.